Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Farm Day cometh

While I'm off work two weeks Don and I have the leisure of gradually getting tasks done before Farm Day.

The deck rail and skirt need painting.

The porch steps needed painting last year, it never got done.

Yesterday I painted them! It took maybe an hour and a half. The wood is wolmanized, and no matter how much good primer I use, the paint peels off. I've painted them every year - except 2007 - since we've lived here. This time I didn't prime. Wouldn't help anyway.

Don's been straightening the barn.

We have too much stuff. Well some of it is our kids' stuff. You can see Lesley's Barbie car. Do you think she and her boyfriend might play with it when they're home this week?

Oh, hey, Anet and Sharon (and Loring)! There's an ugly Vail mug.

While working in the barn Don fixed up this old wall, adding the door, hanging the old Coleman lanterns and tools, and also the 1939 sign, which he found in the barn. I wonder who 'W.B.' was. Our farm was built around the turn of the 20th century, 1904 I think. I wonder if W.B. was the first owner.

Just a bit more tidying inside and outside before Lesley and Brian come tomorrow night.

Maybe I ought to toss these decayed hydrangea blossoms. Believe me, they look better in this photo than they do in person.

Saturday 30-40 wonderful people from my family - my siblings, their spouses, their kids and grandkids - will descend on the farm and just hang out. It's our big event of the year. And while Don and I are not very social 95% of the time (maybe because we are both helping students ALL DAY in our jobs), this is one time we make up for it.


Anet said...

I don't ever want to paint lattice work again!!! It takes forever!
Our stairs were the same way. We replaced them this year and I am so glad!
I still think my ugly Vader mug is in first place to be honest. Nice try though! lol!
I just love your woodwork around your doorways in your home. Very beautiful!
Farm Day is a wonderful idea to gather your family. I bet the kids love seeing the chickens!

Sharon said...

I love seeing all of these pictures and peeking into your world. I don't know how you do it Ruth but you even make your junk in the barn look beautiful! Anet's right though, she's still the mug queen.
Have a really GREAT weekend with your family!!!

Rauf said...

Wish i could help Ruth,
But, but, i would be doing you the biggest favour by sitting quiet in a corner.
These are Pictures, just ordinary pictures, nothing special there. But they give me an assurance that our world is still fine. They give me hope that there is and there will be sharing of joy and happiness, love and care in the years to come.
Your farm day is a day of hope Ruth.

Drowsey Monkey said...

They might play with the barbie car, lol.

You know, I'm taking a break from vacuuming right now ... and I'm always impressed at how your photographs can make anything look beautiful. Even a vacuum cleaner!

Sandy said...

Well this was just such a cool post and I love seeing the interior photos. I would love to see more some day! You are going to be so busy and how fun to have so many people there for farm day!!

I sure wish I was really an auntie cause I would love it.

Mrs. M. said...

Huge, Big sigh....

this really isn't fair--I'd give anything to be at Farm Day.

I'm really hoping for next year.

Give hugs to everyone from us!!

Mrs. M. said...

btw, I like the new picture on top of the site...

Gwen Buchanan said...

hey these are great photos.. sounds like you are a bit like us.. we put off these painting jobs, such as staining the trim and when we finally got to it.. it didn't tale us any time at all.... and then I felt like kicking myself for not doing it sooner.. I kept thinking how much nicer it could have been all that time...

have fun on your family farm day.. It will be looking super!!! and no one will know how much you prepared for them...

Ruth said...

Anet, I'm thinking of four of us with little paint rollers doing the deck Thursday. :| Maybe it will go fast.

I submit to you on the Vader mug.

The previous owners stripped the woodwork, as you are doing, and it really is beautiful wood.

This will be the first Farm Day with chickens - we're excited! We'll set up a few hay bales next to the chicken yard for easy viewing.

= = =

Sharon, oh thank you. Ask Don, I'll bet he doesn't think our junk is beautiful even on here. But as they say, 'another man's junk . . .'

Thank you for the wishes for the day! Amazingly, in our 3 previous Farm Days, the weather has been absolutely perfect. And the forecast for Saturday is 75 F and partly sunny.

= = =

rauf, there would be plenty for you to do, and you would not get into any trouble. If you did, we'd just put you in with the chickens for the roosters to teach you a few lessons.

. . . NOT!

What you wrote really touches me, partly because it's how I feel too, with such happy times as these. People, good people, are what make all the difference in this world. And the human exchange is a mighty thing.

Ruth said...

Drowsey, ah, thank you for that sweet compliment. I think I must have you all in a hypnotic trance about our junk and the vacuum cleaner.

And, you are coming Saturday, right?

= = =

Auntie Sandy, well thank you, maybe I'll post more of the interior sometime then. It is fun peeking into each other's worlds.

I would love for you to come to Farm Day. And you would get a break from that California heat. It's supposed to be just 75 degrees! But for some unknown (and unquestioned) reason, each Farm Day has been a glorious summer day, not too hot.

= = =

Oh Mrs. M., I know it will be harder this year since Katy will be here too. I know it is impossible to choose between Farm Day and the 4th at Hukilau. It would be fabulous to have you, Garland, Emma and Laura here this year. Let's keep fingers crossed for next year!

= = =

Gwen, yes we do that with every house before selling, and then we wonder why we're moving?

Farm Day is a good incentive to get things done that we might keep putting off. But the thing I always say is that anything that doesn't get done - no one will notice! And the main thing is for everyone to be comfortable. If the hosts are comfortable, then so will the guests be. If I don't care that the bathroom floor is still an old disaster of linoleum tile after pulling up carpet, then neither will they!

Amy - "Twelve Acres" said...

30-40 guests??? You are brave! I do not enjoy painting, or home improvement projects in general. I was forced to do it as a kid and as a result I absolutely hate it. But I will cheer you on as you paint the porch! Tell Don I love what he did with the wall. That '1939' sign is very intriguing and I love the rustic look. Love the Coleman lanterns too. Ideas, ideas...

Don said...

Amy, as for 30-40 people, we keep the menu simple, and the farm is big enough for people to wander and do what they want. We set up games: badmitten, ping pong, horseshoe, croquet. We have crafts for the kids. Things just happen, it seems pretty effortless once everyone is here.

I hate painting too. I think Don just read your comment, as he was here before me just now. Do share ideas that come of it . . .

Ruth said...

Oops, that was me, Ruth, still signed in as Don.

Astrid said...

.....if you ever need a painter..I can think of somebody, speaks a few languages, easy to handle, does not eat much, likes to feed the chickens.....grin.....
Great set of pictures again Ruth, have fun, so much fun and cherish the moments with your dear must be great to have them all in again, loved the pics of 2007, cannot wait to see the new ones.
Heel veel plezier!!

freefalling said...

Your wood WHAT??
What's that??

Geez - I can't believe a year has passed since your last farm day!
You've got chickens to share it with now!
Have a good weekend hangin' out with your peeps!

Ginnie said...

We are so lucky to be in on the bash, Ruth! Believe me, we're counting the hours! Nicholas spends the night with us tonight and then it'll be tomorrow when we hop on that plane from Atlanta to Detroit. YAY! I wish I could have been there to help you with all the pre-work. We'll have Friday to help!!

André Lemay said...

Amazing how you can turn ordinary item and chores into art...

Bob Johnson said...

Ruth, not only do you do good food pictures, but you do good chore pics, again I love how you put images and words together so that it works in such a cool way. have a great Farm Day.

Ruth said...

Astrid, thank you. Yes, yes, I know a good painter, and if you mean who I think, she is also a good dish washer!

= = =

Letitia, wolmanized wood is treated for the outdoors. You Aussies must call it something else.

= = =

Boots, over and out now! Just said good-bye to you, Donica and Nicholas. It was a treat to have you here early and late, we love it.

Ruth said...

André, you're very kind, thank you.

= = =

Bob, I guess if you have chores, you might as well make 'em look good, eh? Thank you so much.