Monday, August 13, 2007

Farm Day 2007

There were babies.

There were little kids.

Big kids.

There were games.

A parade.

There was food . . .

. . . and conversation.

There was some work . . .

and music . . .

and best of all, some cuddling.


mystic rose said...

heart warming pics of a family get- together. esp.. like the one of the mother reading to the little child. :)

Ruth said...

Thanks, Mystic Rose. My family warms my heart too, as is clear I guess. I'm glad you feel it.

That mom, we agree in my family of four, is a supremely wonderful mom, now expecting her 4th!

freefalling said...

No punch-ups then?

freefalling said...

Looks like the most fantabulous day ever!
Too too perfect.
I love the little fella's scrunched up toes in picture 1.
And rides in the mini tractor
and snags on the barbie,
and everyone chilling out.
Life is pretty good for you, right?

Ruth said...

Freefalling, what's a punch-up? Ice cream?

Yes, life is very good for me. I'm happy as a clam. And why are clams so happy, I wonder?

I was sorry you couldn't make it.

Rauf said...

ah what a joy Ruth.
love it
wish i was there
next year perhaps it will extend to three days ??

children are having a great time
terrific entertainment, plus fresh air
Thanks Don Peter, Lesley bootsie Donica and Susan and others
its like me being there
this is the last page i close before i leave in another 5 minutes

Ruth said...

rauf, I was wondering the same thing, maybe this will become an overnight camping fest.

I know you don't plan to leave India, so pictures will have to give you a taste of Farm Day, even though we wanted you here. I can see you riding the lawn tractor, bouncing kids on your knee, jumping in the pool, or just sitting on the floor of the atelier.

I hope you enjoy your time in Kerala this trip.

Manda said...

Thanks for sharing a beautifully succinct description of a day we didn't want to end!

freefalling said...

Are you pulling my leg?
I'm never quite sure if our expressions are understandable in other countries?
(I hope "pulling my leg" isn't another one!)
You know, a punch-up?

Ruth said...

Manda, we loved having you here, and it was fun having you leave last again. I hope one of these years you'll pitch a tent or two for your family.

Ruth said...

Freefalling, hahaha, no I wasn't pulling your leg (and yes I know that one)! But now I understand, thank you.

No, no punch-ups, fisticuffs or brawls. We moved past that in the '70s, hehe.

Ginnie said...

Absolutely priceless, Ruth, how you tied this altogether in one post. As you noticed, I wasn't even about to pull that off!

Ruth said...

Yes, and I'm waiting for more from you of the day, my dear. :)

carl h. sr. said...

Ruth,I can't explain it exactly,but your series of family photos,left my eyes all watery.
They still are now!
Well I just got a phone call.Toni is coming over with Patrick and Kaili.Going to enjoy my little family now too! Later Ruth.

Ruth said...

Carl, I'm guessing that's because you are very sensitive to the wonders of family, the great value these people are to us. You must be having a blast with your new Patrick. I look forward to seeing photos of him on your blog, if you decide to post any.

lesleyanne said...

i can't stop looking at these photos. your awesome collection, aunt bootsie's, paul's. keep reliving that weekend.

i need to update my blog! :)

Ruth said...

Lesley, digital pics, what did we do before??

Yes, you do! :D

Britt-Arnhild said...

Perfect happiness.

Ruth said...

Britt-Arnhild, it is a pleasure to have you visit. I wish you happiness too.

RUTH said...

Looks like a perfect day :o)

Ruth said...

Thanks, RUTH, for me it was. I can't think of anything to improve it.

Which blog of yours do you recommend I visit first?

So Hum said...

Thanks for taking up the torch of providing a beautiful place for family to reunite! The pictures are beautiful!

Ruth said...

Rachel!! I've thought about you a hundred times in the last 2 weeks, wishing you were going to be here. I hope you can come next year. As you see, it was a wonderful day, as it always is, and it will be even better if you and Swede come. Now I must see if you have a new post - I haven't checked in so long . . .

sex said...