Sunday, August 10, 2008

Farm Day 2008

Thirty-seven members of my family showed up Saturday for Farm Day 2008. Don't bother to count, they're not all in this picture.

The kids splashed around and played hard. Too bad the 'hot tub' was cold.
It rained and got cool. And when the sun came back out, we had to find the rainbow.

My sister Ginnie (in the pic above) took lots more pictures than I, and I'm guessing she will show them at In Soul in the next few days.

We had a wonderful time, and I'm tuckered out. Back to work tomorrow. I'll visit you soon, I missed you!


Loring Wirbel said...

37?! You're challenging rabbit's friends and relations in Winnie the Pooh. Wonderful photo of Lesley.

Rauf said...

Is this Farm Day part one Ruth ?

'Don't bother to count, they're not all in this picture.'

i just woke up my eyes still fuzzy
i thought i am reading my own blog.

Hi Loring ! Perhaps next farm day all of Ruth's blog friends would participate, i'll gey my passport made. i don't have one.

Loring Wirbel said...

Good idea, Rauf. I grew up only 30 miles west of where Ruth lives now, so I could go collect my own group of 37 friends and relations!

Rauf said...

Loring, imagine me in a straight jacket with a tape on my mouth, i am a walking disaster. still i would manage to enjoy Ruth's black berry jam and pumpkin pie. Perhaps by next farm day Don would add a couple of horses. Never had a horse ride in my life.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a lovely day! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I was waiting for these photos!
They are lovely and people seems to enjoy the day.

And despite a cooler weather, I think, you had a hot atmosphere :)

Have a good week or is it already your working week?

Anonymous said...

Ha,haa! I was reading those comments and I agree! I have my passport ready and I could try also riding, I have done it when I was twenty, so, a few years ago, really :)

Greetings from Finland, here we come!

Drowsey Monkey said...

37 people! Wow ... that's a lot! lol

Looks like a great time :)

freefalling said...

You best be careful.
You might have an influx of international visitors if you keep making us jealous like this.

What did you feed them all?

Ruth said...

Loring, it surprised me when Donica counted, but yes 37. Three of them are infants, so cute. I love that photo of Lesley too, carrying adorable Aden. And you and your 37 would be welcome - we needed more fearless of heart badminton players (you'd think the Olympics would have inspired us).

- - -

oh rauf, I'm sorry. I was too busy to take pictures, and I was too tired to be inspired for much of a post. I know it isn't much compared to other years. And ha, my words do sound like something you wrote.

Farm Day was wonderful, but strangely quiet and lacking the frenetic energy of other years, like last year. The weather was cool and threatening rain, don't know if that's why. The adults sat and talked a lot, family stories mostly, and inside some even slept. And at supper, we had to eat inside due to rain, though Rachel sat on the porch with her friend Kelly, and my nephew Eric.

Oh, and Loring, don't let rauf fool you. He may be crazy, but his friends pile on him at his place in his own 'Terrace Day' almost every day of the year. If he could fit 37 in there . . .

Ruth said...

Amy, 'sdat you? Can you and Dennis join Nicholas next year? We'd love to have you come one day, but I know it's a hard choice between Farm Day and Hukilau.

- - -

Oh Leena, you're very sweet. This is not so big a post as last year, I was busy and tired, don't know what was different this year. I loved every minute, and you're right, it was a very warm atmosphere in spite of the cool temperature. Maybe in a few days I'll let you know when Ginnie posts hers. She usually does several separate posts of Farm Day!

Leena and rauf, funny you would mention horses. Don almost took some kids next door to our neighbor's for horseback riding, but we didn't want to take anyone away for a couple hours. Maybe next year we can arrange them bringing horses to our place.

AND, I am posting photos of horses at flying - and a poem about horses, which I love (and never rode a day in my life, believe it or not).

- - -

Ruth said...

Drowsey, yes, it is a lot of people. We had a very nice time, just not so active as last year.

- - -

Letitia, wouldn't it be SO MUCH FUN if you all came to the Farm for Blogger Farm Day?? We'd LOVE it!!!

Even though there were 37, we still prepared way too much food.

For lunch:

- chicken salad (yummy recipe with grapes, celery, pineapple and pecans)
- veggies
- potato chips (crisps)
- chocolate chip cookies
- macaroni salad (2 sister-in-laws brought)

For supper:

- hamburgers, bratwurst & hot dogs on the barbie
- potato salad (enuf for an army)
- more veggies and mac salad
- ice cream with fresh blackberries

We keep the menu simple, but there is plenty of food. Don's chocolate chip cookies were the biggest hit.

Anet said...

Wonderful time! It was cold! It felt like fall on Sunday! How did your craft projects turn out? I like the shot of Lesley carrying the little one, so pretty!

Ruth said...

Anet, we said several times it felt like September. Thank you, I love that photo of Lesley too.

Oh, and we did have corn on the cob for supper too - most important part!

Anet, do you know about Reese's sweet corn, north of Lansing? The BEST ever.

Gwen Buchanan said...

memories were made... togetherness and family.. Your daughter is beautiful in the late afternoon? light; from what I have seen, she resembles you...

about the cold water.. most times the kids stay in till their lips turn purple and they are a total mass of goose bumps...

I can chime in on being tired after a day family time.. as my daughter brought out her twin 1 1/2 yo boys and 2 1/2 yo daughter and also my mom came to visit.. whew was I pooped.. It felt like farm day here too as we spent so much time in the garden picking berries, veggies and chasing dogs and little ones in and out of the overhanging plants..

so cute seeing the grandchildren discover the yummy berries and the intense look in their little eyes, peering and reaching for the next ripe berry.. they learn quick and that occupied them till they were full..

fun time !!

Ruth said...

Gwen, yes. I didn't happen to snap any photos of the kids when their lips were shivering, but others did.

Wow, I can imagine how those little ones must have taken all your attention! Your poor daughter!! Wow, and I thought I had it tough with a boy and girl within 17 1/2 months of each other.

Sometimes it's nice just to be the grandma, eh?

Astrid said...

Great pictures, it shows you had a great time too, I heard of the rain and they had all to be in the house...grin....I know Ginnie loves thunder and I knew she would be out the first to get that rainbow.....was there any gold?????

Gwen Buchanan said...

Now I know why I see so many grandmas with big smiles!!!! many more reasons than one!!!

You did have your hands full though with 2 little ones that close together... I salute you!

Ginnie said...

Wacht! Ginnie is "in the pic above?" Why didn't I see her??? Uh-oh! That nasty Firefox. Believe it or not, that photo does NOT show up on Firefox but DOES show up on IE. I declare! Hmmmmm.

BUT that rainbow really was something else, wasn't it. Totally worth the rain!!

Sandy said...

Oh, look, a rainbow!!!!!

Great photos and what a wonderful thing to do, hosting Farm DAy....

burrr, can't believe they played in a cold hot tub.....but then they're kids.

oh...I didn't know you had a sis with a blog. I'll have to check that out...

Sandy said...

Scanned through the comments, enjoyed them too!!

Bob Johnson said...

Farm day is cool Ruth. I so want to live on a farm like that, love the little pathways

Ruth said...

Astrid, it was such a strange day with the weather, very un-August. There was gold-enrod in the meadow, almost ready to bloom. Yes, all my sisters - and me too - love storms.

- - -

Gwen, ha, grandmas with big smiles - you can say 'good-bye' after a few hours with those adorables. And yes, once I got over being pregnant two years in a row, I enjoyed having them close together.

- - -

Boots, I'm trying to make sure sync looks the same in Firefox as in IE, so hopefully you won't have to deal with that.

Ruth said...

Auntie Sandy, you would love my family. They are enthusiastic and warm, responsive and appreciative. So every Farm Day we are ready to do it again next year. Yes, those kids were so funny shivering. The heater broke last year, have to get it fixed so we can sit out and look at the night sky. . .

- - -

which leads me to night sky Bob, Hi Bob! You should get a place where you can look at the sky right in your back yard, eh? Are you in town in Saskatoon?

lesleyanne said...

I always like seeing which photos you choose to put on your blog. I sent your link to Julia, Brian's mom, so she can share in the joy of Farm Day!

i love you and miss you...and wish i had gotten a photo of you in your farm hat.

Ruth said...

I was thinking the same thing, sweetie. I'll have papa take one and I'll send it to you.

Grandma said...

'Sure did enjoy these.....~~!!

Thank you, again, to you and your wonderful man, for a fantastic day!! Your meals were absolutely delicious and yum-yum!! We didn't want to leave when we had to, but it keeps bringing back memories as we talk about the fun day you planned.

I love you, Susan

Ruth said...

Grandma Susan, it did go fast, and I hated to see you and Rodger leave. But as you say, it's great to remember. That's one reason I post about it here. Believe me, I'll come back and look at these memories over and over in the year ahead.