Wednesday, October 10, 2007

"I'm your vehicle baby"

. . . says my Chevy Aveo.

"I'll take you anywhere you wanna go
I'm your vehicle woman
By now I'm sure you know

That I love ya (love you)
Need ya (need you)
I want to, got to have you child

Great God in heaven, you know I love you"
And I say, I love you too, baby vehicle.
Click on the post title to see all the words to the Ides of March song "Vehicle" written by Jim Peterik and also hear a short version of the song if you click on download MP3 at that page.


Ginnie said...

Awww. She did you proud, Ms. Ruth! And I'm sure she gave you some nice gas mileage. :)

freefalling said...

Have you been driving around singing that song? It's a hoot!
I've never heard it before.
I can just picture you with your window down, grooving along.
I'm curious to know, what other songs you had on your radio/mp3 player on your road trip.

(I'm glad you liked my big trees.
And I must say, I AM very proud of that last photo.)

Ruth said...

Boots, I didn't check it, but it's usually about 35 mpg. Not quite as good as your hybrid. :)

Ruth said...

Letitia, you didn't get "Vehicle" in Australia???? There is something severely wrong with that. That is a totally Aussie song, don't you think? Pretty macho and all that?

Really good question, thank you so much for asking. (I knew I liked you.) Had CDS, which I listened to over and over, so it's a good thing I liked them.

All time favorite: Sarah MacLachlan's Afterglow.
Norah Jones' Come Away with Me
James Taylor's October Road
McCartney's newest: Memory Almost Full
Joni Mitchell's Blue
and a mixed CD my son made me that knocks my sox off with Joni, Ray LaMontagne, Lyle Lovett, Travis, Hanson, Mark Broussard, Martin Sexton, Roy Orbison, Coldplay, Tom Waits, Stevie Ray Vaughn, U2, Damien Rice, David Mead and Jimi Hendrix.

Yes, that was all part of my heaven. And you know, I guess that wasn't too quiet either.

You asked!

lesleyanne said...

i love motels like that.
i always think about making you a CD of all my favorite music...maybe if i pick and chose carefully you might actually like it. :)
glad you had some nice music on your trip!

Rauf said...

This is quite different from what i have seen in the movies Ruth, i have been asking my American friends the difference between a motel and a hotel. Never got a convincing answer. You can cook food here one said but he was not sure.
We have no motels here in india.
is a motel cheaper than a hotel
Don't know is the answer.

Sweet little car that is Ruth.

Ruth said...

Les, the motel was perfect. The room was big, had lots of amenities, who needs Holiday Inn?

I would love it if you made me a CD. How much music of yours have I loved? Cranberries, Tori, Sarah M, Gillian Welch, on and on. Most of the CD Peter made was male vocalists. Yours would be female. :)

Ruth said...

rauf, when I asked my mom growing up what the difference between a hotel and a motel is, she explained that motels were originally "motor hotels" shortened to "motels" and that you could park your car right in front of your room. Whereas in a hotel you usually had to park in a lot, ramp or on the street, and your room was upstairs somewhere. I'm not sure but I'd guess motels are cheaper generally than hotels. In NYC, Manhattan for instance, you would have only hotels, no room for motels. They would be expensive. Motels would be found on the highway, sometimes dozens of them around a highway exit, like the Breezewater Exit in Pennsylvania.

I'm glad you like the Aveo, rauf.

freefalling said...

Hanson? Hanson!
Are you sure?
Is there another artist with this name I don't know about?
(only teasing - I have to say that now, because I've been banned from a blog for teasing, and they didn't get it. You get teasing though, right?).

Do you know I have never heard Joni Mitchell's Blue?
Everyone talks about it and I keep meaning to get it!

Sorry - a song called "vehicle" would not be popular in Australia, simply because "vehicle" is a way too posh a word for us.

Ruth said...

Letitia, I am cracking up about what you wrote about Hanson. I'll tell you why. My son made this mixed CD, and I didn't know for sure who all the artists were, so I had to painstakingly look them all up by googling the lyrics when I heard them in the song. Well, when this song that I LOVED came up as Hanson, I went WHAAAA! I couldn't believe it because they did NOT sound dorky or pop-py. They were awesome.

Hey, I teased you first. So does that answer your question?

You must listen to "Blue" it's her best. And now there is a tribute CD that I'm dying to get, and Sarah McLachlan sings "Blue" and I swear it's almost better than Joni. Did I just say that??

Ruth said...

Oh, and "vehicle" is a posh word?? Man, you've gotta teach me about Aussieness. I'm just not gettin that.

mystic rose said...

thank you for your words .. they mean much and I will always treasure them. Its exciting that you and your friend are going to the festival celebrating Rumi. hard to beelive its been 800 years.. and he will inspire seekers of truth for centuries to come with his words and light.
it seems to me, to all the problems in the world the sufi would just say Dissolve.. into Love.

Ruth said...

Mystic Rose, you deserved all the praise that came your way. Being in the world of poetry, with someone like Rumi as a model and guide, is a pleasure, isn't it? I only wish I knew Pharsi so I could read his words in that beautiful language. Translation is just not good or right. But even translated words give me a glimpse into his beautiful mind and heart. And that is better than nothing. Yes, Dissolve into Love.

By the way, I was so tickled when I realized after we moved back from Turkey that we have a Konya carpet and that is where he was born. Last year my friend Inge and I had a birthday celebration for him on it and read one of his poems.