Friday, August 10, 2007

Farm Day prep

I'm taking a few minutes from preparations for Farm Day tomorrow to give you a peek.

Don will place these hay bales around the bonfire pit with cozy blankets for a soft sit.

The stairs got sanded, but not painted. Oh well. Maybe for next year.
I took some of my my mom's vintage '50s tablecloths to make into bathroom accessories: sink skirt and curtains. And I sewed them on my vintage Singer sewing machine, which my daddy bought me when I was a teenager.
It was already old when he bought it. I'm not quite as old as all that.

Our friends were throwing out this little table when they moved. Don liked it and grabbed it, and I painted it.

Lesley drew and colored the little picture of her dad's tractor there on the table.

Lesley will be home in a couple of hours! As will Bootsie and Donica! They're riding together from the airport. And tomorrow the rest of the gang, including Peter who will pick up some goodies in town for us.

Happiness is Farm Day. And the weather forecast is for upper 80s and sunny. A little warm, but I'm not complaining.

I'll show you pics from Farm Day when it's done.


freefalling said...

I wanna come to Farm Day!

Ruth said...

Freefalling, OK! The more the merrier. Please pick up my nephew in Sydney on the way. By the time you get here, you'll have your own personal Farm Day.

Rauf said...

Hope the weather is good Ruth.
Looking forward for the farm day pictures. Enjoy yourself and spread your Charm Ruth.

JoAnn's-Photo-A-Day, said...

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You are invited to visit my blog if you want? I am from Holland and I like photography and travelling, I also like my dog and hus, so if you like to follow my little travels, please visit my blog I would like that.

Hope to see you on my blog?

Ruth said...

Thanks, Joann.

Ginnie said...

You prepared everything just perfectly, Ruth. That bathroom is just the cutest, of course, with all those red accents. And that Singer is something else. It probably works better than mine, which was my engagement present in 1969!

Did it really come and go?! How could the time have possibly passed so quickly!

Ruth said...

Ginnie/Boots, I agree it's hard to believe Farm Day came and went already. And yes, that Singer keeps plugging along, whether I treat her well or not.

So Hum said...

I love the anticipation of something exciting that is about to happen! I love the sink cover! Keep the tradition alive:)

sex said...