Thursday, August 09, 2007


Two fawns have made themselves at home in our yard. We're pretty sure they are orphans, because there is no doe with them.

They plopped down in the front yard in the afternoon yesterday.

But I am worried about them getting hit by a car, with no mom to teach them caution.


Rauf said...

Yes Ruth, that is a valid fear. i would advise temporary confinement, and they won't mind, they would be too happy infact. in the meantime you can inform the proper authorities. What amazes me is they are together. They don't seem to have any difference of opinion. They chose you.

Ginnie said...

Ohhhhhh. Will we frighten them away, I wonder, when we all descend on the property over the weekend?!

Anonymous said...


Heather's Dad here. What a neat thing to happen. I would not attempt to do anything concerning the Fawns. They more than likely have a Mother nearby. If not they are old enough to survive on their own now, even though they are only a little over two months old. Great photos. Did Heath give you the birdhouse I made?

Peter said...

I would like to pet one

Ruth said...

rauf, here in Michigan, the deer are so overpopulated they are almost beyond control. The authorities will say just let them fend for themselves. Heather's dad lives on a farm nearby, and he thinks they can fend for themselves now.

Ruth said...

Ginnie/Boots, I don't think we will frighten them away. I was just sitting outside with them for a few minutes, talking. They acted like I was a normal part of their environment. Maybe having you, Donica and Lesley in the first batch will help them adjust?

Ruth said...

Hi Heather's dad! Thank you so much for that reassurance. Have you ever had this happen at your place? I seriously think the mama is gone, they are around all the time and always alone. They are eating apples in the orchard quite happily, so they do seem old enough to find their way. Heather told me you were making a birdhouse for us, but I have not yet seen it. I wonder if she was going to take it to Sapphos last night, which I missed! I can't wait to see it, and then find the perfect spot for it.

Ruth said...

Peter, I'm thinking they might work up to that! I can't believe how tame they are.

lorenzothellama said...

I don't think it matters much whether they are over-populated or not. They are little animals that need looking after. Can you not lure them into your back yard?

Here in Britain the grey squirrel has taken over most of the habitat once reserved for red squirrels. Reds are now only found in parts of Southern England and the Lake District. It's such a shame, but I wouldn't want to harm any grey squirrels. I get so much enjoyment watching their antics in the trees. And Badger is obsessed by them! She spends hours staring into the trees at them.

Re compost bins: I think in some ways it is more satisfying building your own, but certainly the plastic bins rot down faster.
You can put shredded paper on, as well as newspaper, but the more it is torn up the quicker it goes off. There isn't a lot of nutrients in paper, but it makes a very nice light textured compost and helps break the other vegetation up. Comfrey plants and nettles are the best, hightly nutricious and heats the heap up quickly.

Anonymous said...


We have not had this happen here, although I did almost step on a newly born old one while hunting Morels this Spring. It made a sound like a Crow and scared the heck out of me!

Yes, Heath took the birdhouse to the Sapphos meeting.

Ruth said...

Lorenzo, thank you very much for the information about composting. Very helpful.

Today Don saw a doe with a fawn and we're wondering if either their mom has come back, or maybe she was a lone doe who has taken a role with them. I hope so.

Ruth said...

Anon. that must have been a fright to both of you, almost stepping on the baby!

I'm sad I missed receiving the birdhouse Wednesday. Next time.

Fred Abner said...


The bird house is my own design, which won a neighbor kid a Blue ribbon at the Fowlerville Fair. This is the first I made with two entry holes. I read an article that said Bluebirds seem to be more receptive to houses with two holes. It will need to be painted and set out near an open field with a small tree or shrub about 20 feet away.

Ruth said...

Fred, oh goody! I hadn't heard about the two holes being a preference, that is interesting. We will paint it and find the perfect spot, maybe even before we get the birdhouse from Heather! :)

mystic rose said...

Oh how perfectly lovely they are!

Im sure you have your concerns regarding them, but theres something just so enchanting about deer.

Ruth said...

Mystic Rose, we thought maybe on Farm Day they would make themselves scarce, but they seemed quite comfortable to hang around. They are sweet creatures.

JoAnn - NL Photography said...

what a sweet and nice looking deers :) Be care full with them.

sex said...