Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Oscars

It’s almost time to watch the Oscars, and I am looking forward to it. I love clothes, and seeing what the women are wearing is lots of fun. I also enjoy hearing what the host (Ellen DeGeneres this year), presenters and winners have to say. I especially await the comedy, to see if the host and presenters can make me laugh. I think Ms. DeGeneres is pretty funny, and her deadpan persona usually cracks me up.

I think that this year I’ve seen fewer nominated movies than ever before. I couldn’t even tell you what’s nominated, even though I have a list somewhere. I know Helen Mirren and “The Queen” have lots of nominations. I’ll be plugging for her.

It’s a glitzy week, with the Democratic Presidential candidates gathering in Beverly Hills for fund raisers. All the hoopla about what Barak Obama’s fundraiser Geffen said about the Clintons. All the wealthy celebrities, and who they will support. I heard that just for California each candidate needs $20 million for their campaign.

All this money being waved around, the million dollar Swarovski curtain on the Oscars stage, the millions spent for a presidential race (it will be billions before all’s said and done), well, you can’t help think about that, can you?

Remember what I wrote about global climate change and the idea of carbon offset programs a couple weeks ago? I’m still researching it, and I don’t know what is legitimate and what isn't. But I think I’m going to do something as a starter. has a campaign to raise money for carbon offset (developing renewable resource energy options) as a way to send a message to the Oscars this year, supporting Al Gore’s film “An Inconvenient Truth,” which is nominated for best documentary. If you donate to this carbon offset program, they’ll send a message to the Oscars about the campaign.

Remember last year when many stars arrived in hybrid vehicles instead of limos? It might seem like a gimmick, but gimmicks get people’s attention. And lots of people wait for someone else to bring attention to issues before they wake up.

Is this about allaying guilt? Will I feel better about myself watching all that glitz if I do something helpful? I dunno. I think it's about balance. Every choice I make has an effect.


Ginnie said...

This is actually one night that I will wish I'm not in Hannover, Ruth! I don't even know if our TV at the apartment will have any channel that shows it, especially the BBC channel, our only in English. I so much wanted to see Ellen. I heard she was phenomenal at the Grammy's after 9/11.

Anyway, I'll be thinking of you with a smile on my face because I know you will be entranced by the fashions. And yes, it is all about balance. I just bought Gore's An Inconvenient Truth and am taking it with me to watch. I hope it wins!!

Ruth said...

Oh, bummer, Ginnie! I know you enjoy watching these, esp. with Ellen this year. Poo!

I can't wait to hear about London this weekend!

belle said...
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belle said...

Hello mama Ruth!

Good to see you here. You're NY daughter told me I might find you on here. Said you had some wonderful words.

I will be watching the Oscars with you. Only...way over in Idaho. But I do fancy Ellen. SHe is hilarious. And..I don't really know any of the movies nominated either. Maybe one or two... But Timmy and I use netflix, so we have to wait a little for the new movies to come out. So, alas, we are behind on the times.

I do reccomend "Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio." Unless you have already read the book..then nevermind. :)

Ruth said...

Dear Belle! How lovely to have you visit me here. Oh, dear girl, I love you! I visited your blog, and I'm overwhelmed and don't even know what to say. But you have touched me beyond where I can even find it in the last few weeks. You're in my heart and on my mind. Keep hanging on.

Rauf said...

Ruth, since movie stars being constantly watched they can start the trend like fashion. in india movie stars are like gods. Except for one or two they all are interested only in selling products.

I have not been watching the oscars from past couple of years.
I have seen whoopie goldberg and Billy crystal as presenters, i don't remember the others, never heard of Ellen DeGeners. i would love to see whaat angelina jolie and Scarlet Johansson are wearing.
One of the most genuine interview I have watched is angelina jolie on BBC.

I want to watch Al Gore's film. But as usual i have negative thoughts about it. We have no immediate remedies. Healing should be gradual as the damage of past five hundred years is just a fraction of a second for the planet. Al Gore perhaps is not aware how small he is to damage or save the planet.

Rauf said...

the picture is like jean baptiste camille Corot's painting Ruth

lesleyanne said...
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lesleyanne said...
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lesleyanne said...

oh how i adore that tree. i hope it's there forever. you and papa were so smart to keep it.

excitement about the oscars!! my roommate is having a little partay, and i'll most likely join least for the red carpet bit. i love seeing the dresses too!! always hoping for a beautiful vintage....anything funky.

so nice to see that michelle ma belle visited!

hope you had a nice dinner tonight!

Ruth said...

Rauf, I hope you will see Al Gore's film, because I would like to hear your thoughts on it. I have it on my queue to watch it, and it would be interesting to talk about it with you when we've both seen it.

Thank you for thinking the photo is like a Corot painting. High praise, and I appreciate it.

Ruth said...

Oh, and Rauf, I think you would like Ellen D. She is very dry, very deadpan. But what I like most about her is that she does not make jokes at others' expense (unlike me the other day on your blog :|). She is very sweet, knows how to act just the right amount of dumb (but not like a dumb blonde). She looks at you with this straight face after saying something ridiculous, and it is priceless. After 9/11 she hosted the Emmys (TV awards), and she did a very nice job in a very awkward position at such a time (trying to make people laugh after that horrible act). I wonder if that is why they've asked her to do the Oscars now.

BTW, I read something funny at the other day. For those of us who dislike Bush and complain about him constantly, we will have to find something new to do come January 2009 (when he leaves office). We will have to recall how to have nuanced political discussions. No more black and white. How interesting!

Ruth said...

Weswey! I didn't know how much you love that tree. Me too.

Now that I know you'll be watching the dresses, I'll be thinking of your taste too, looking for vintage. Doesn't Kate Winslet often wear vintage? I wonder if she'll be there.

Yes, I'm so happy Michelle visited. That girl is amazing.

Our dinner was great. The manti turned out well, and the discussion was even better: Why don't we do what we want to do? (like if you're our friends, sell your house, move to Mexico, make art, etc.).

Rauf said...

When poor Bush can take it why can't I, Ruth I just don't want you to feel bad about it. I liked it actually. I was laughing like mad. I don't hold Bush responsible for anything. There are some money hungry evil people behind him who make him say and do things. Bush is just a puppet. Poor chap.

I saw Ellen DeGeners's pictures, swwet she is, and she was in Will and Grace, never noticed. I don't remember much now, not been watching TV. Steve Martin can get away with pungent remarks. Whoopie is spontaneous, great presence of mind. Billy Crystal goes with script I think.

I have been thinking a lot, I still feel we humans are too small to cause any climate change like global warming. I am tilting more towards natural phenomenn, what ever data these environmentalists and the scientis can produce. If they want they can prove that all the cats of this world are causing global warming, they can produce charts and graphs to convince you.
This planet has the capacity to heal itself, the only problem is we are not allowing it.

Ruth said...


You have a right to your opinion, of course.

I don't really see what the scientists would have to gain from making this one up. I CAN see why oil companies would want to cover up that we are causing problems to the environment, because there are economical concerns for them if we use less oil. But what do scientists have to gain if they say we must produce less carbon dioxide?

It is hard to trust any sources of information any more. But I find that I have to find someone to trust, and then, if what they say seems reasonably true based on evidence, then I'll likely believe them. But only if they're not asking me to jump off a cliff! In this case, it certainly doesn't seem that it hurts anything to use less gasoline, keep the heat turned down, fly less, recycle more. Just out of respect to Mother Earth, even if she could recover just fine (which I don't necessarily believe, sorry, Rauf). Why would I want to harm her? And of course I know that you do NOT want to harm her. It's just a rhetorical question.

It's all I can do not to scowl at SUV drivers at the gas station. But I'm working on that.

lesleyanne said...

that's a great thing to discuss indeed. i've been thinking about that a LOT lately, how i know exactly what i want to do, so why don't i just do it?! it's so difficult to live as a starving artist. i'm not sure i'm ready for that.
what would you do? i mean, you. YOU!

Ruth said...

Les, well it might be to move to the Traverse City area. If I won the lottery :), Dad and I would start an educational/retreat farm up there. You could have your fibers section with your own place, sheepsies, studio, etc.

What would YOU do?

sex said...