Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Ginger tea

Some of you have already tried this tea. I had two cups yesterday and decided to post the recipe for anyone who needs this wonderful concoction.

When Lesley was home for Christmas, she made this for me, and I got hooked, big time. It's full of antioxidants, but it also tastes yummy. So I drink it just for the pleasure.

Ginger Tea

3-4 thin slices fresh ginger (unpeeled is fine)
juice of 1/2 lemon
1 garlic clove, peeled (optional)
1 dried red pepper (optional)
hot water
honey to taste

If you're not opposed to trying it with the garlic and red pepper, try it. They make it wonderful! If you have a cold, the red pepper clears your sinuses.


Rauf said...

This is called Chukku tea or Chukku coffee. Chukku is dried ginger, I love it Ruth, I go with my friend's to Central government handicraft showroom, 'khadi gram udyog' (village crafts - Khadi is handloom) just to have ginger tea and ginger coffee. I take my friends there and make them buy some beautiful handicrafts, furnishing material. Actually I bully them into buying. I have very serious complaint about my IT industry and software friends, they have absolutely no time for music art and literature. They just don't know what is beautiful.
I have to point out, buy this beautiful handloom furnishing material it will look good in your living room or buy this for your wall. Since this is a government run establishment the benifits directly reach the village craftsmen. Then I offer them ginger tea available there. they'll have none of it, they think its unhygenic. I bully them again. Can I have one more please. they all love it.

Your compositions are lovely Ruth.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photo and the recipe sounds yummy. I'll try it. :)

lesleyanne said...

ginger tea!
that photo is great, you really do have a nice camera. sometimes i can't believe how close you can get to your subject, and the attention to detail. [i know i know, there's always something better!]
i bought a huge bag of dried red peppers to use for tea, and it's too much for me! the spiciness with the already ginger spiciness.
quite a kick.
i'm so glad you're still drinking it!

lesleyanne said...

and thank you Rauf for sharing the name of this delicious concoction! how i would love to go to this showroom. it sounds amazing.

thehealingroom said...

MMMmmm, ginger tea.
I make it all the time but minus the garlic and pepper. I will have to try that. It sounds like fun.
Thanks for the name Rauf,
"chukku"....I had no idea.
Yes, the handicraft showroom sounds wonderful!

Amy said...

Ever since you made this for me the first time I have become hooked on it as well and now have it daily at work! I especially love the addition of garlic and dried red pepper as they both add tasty layers of flavor. I'm a huge fan! :-)

Ruth said...

Whoohoo! So many people lovin' that ginger tea!

Rauf, that is so cool!!! I agree about the showroom. Wow. Can you also get fresh ginger (you must!); it would be a treat for you to try at home if you can find some.

Heather, I was thinking of you especially when I posted this. I hope you like it!

Lesley, one thing I do sometimes if the red pepper gets too strong is just leave it in for less than a minute. If you leave it in the whole time it can get quite hot!

Jennie, I agree with Amy that the garlic and red pepper add wonderful layers of flavor that I would miss if they weren't there. Let me know what you think.

Amy! I thought of you with this post too. I need to take the ingredients to work with me again, because I like this much better than the teabags I have in my desk drawer (bleh).

Rauf said...

Dear Lesley, you'll go wild in this showroom, buying things from there helps the poor craftsmen,

Dear Ruth, I'll mail you a picture I took in Rajasthan please forward it to sweet Lesley

Ginnie said...

When Amy told me you had this recipe up on your blog, Ruth, I couldn't believe I was this far behind. UGH.

But THANKS for the recipe. I didn't have the good fortune of drinking a cup at the cottage, so I'll definitely have to try this here some time. I KNOW I'll like it!

Ruth said...

Ginnie, I think you'll like it too. I'll bet in London this weekend you could find chukku tea!