Sunday, February 25, 2007

Animal tracks

The snow will soon be gone, and it will be harder to see animal tracks.

In our back yard, we have deer, possum, raccoon, coyotes, rabbits, woodchucks/groundhogs, skunks, bluebirds, bluejays, cardinals, titmouse, junkos, various finches, various woodpeckers, crows, hawks, kestrels, bobwhite, wild turkeys, various flickers, indigo buntings, bats, turkey buzzards, mourning doves, pheasants, foxes, red squirrels, pine squirrels, chipmunks, moles, field mice, voles, a feral cat, a barn cat, and doubtless many animals we haven't seen or chronicled.


Rauf said...

You are having best of both the worlds Ruth.

Ginnie said...

Ohhhhhh. Whose woods these are.... I love that you have all this to see, Ruth. It's not the same as our woods in Atlanta, since we don't get the snow, but I'm sure we get many of those wee creatures. The other day as I drove down to the house, there were 4 or 5 deer on our front lawn. We've been seeing more of them lately, so I'm wondering if they're multiplying and have nowhere to go?

I'm sure you're ready for spring but I find myself wanting winter to stay on a bit longer, since it came so late.

As always, I LOVE your pics!

Ruth said...

Rauf, I never knew how much I loved the country until Don and I started camping out more regularly a few years ago. That's when we figured we might move to the country where we could sit by our own trees, have a bonfire, and listen to the wind.

Thank you, Ginnie! That first photo is actually from one of my recent drives, but the rest are in the back. So the deer are starting to overpopulate Atlanta too?

We were supposed to get a huge winter storm yesterday, but it didn't happen here, and I was disappointed! I think that it came so late this year means some of us didn't get enough.

"Angeldust" said...

This is precious Ruth...

I had a little piece of paradise much like yours for about four years... some of the species a bit different, but the tracks in the snow are a lovely, lovely site the same!

Loved being surprised (or was it vise-versa?) by deer early in the morn having breakfast outside - loved that crazy call of the California Quail!

Ruth said...

Angledust, I know! It was a treat last night, before Don got home from work, to look out and see 9 deer having supper on the hay Don left for them.

Two years ago, Don succeeded in calling a bobwhite to the point that the poor little guy (the bobwhite, not Don) thought he was about to find a mate. He's come back every year.

lesleyanne said...

such beautiful photos mammas. oh the snow. snow in the city is nothing like snow in the country. i wish it was. maybe next snowfall [if there is a next] i'll trek over to central park as it's the closest thing i have. probably no barn cats, or moles....or deer. maybe cardinals tho.

Ruth said...

Les, I think Central Park must be beautiful in the snow. It would be cool to pick one favorite spot, and get to know it in each season. It must be a pretty long trek for you? Or is there a quick train straight from Queens?

"Angeldust" said...

Hi Ruth,
thank you for your comment I followed up on Ken Wilber and while I am intersted in taking a look at his Integrated Spirituality - I found his site rather "uncomfortable" and could not stay long.
Edgy, sharp images... the aesthetic run me off - lol
(Did not "feeeeeeeeel" it... )

"Angeldust" said...

On the topic of procreation...
"I" started out in 1996 with 9 California Quail - as it appears they all return with their families, in the sumer of 1998, I counted over 35 of them lunching outside my kitchen widow.

Got any bears around?

Ruth said...

Angeldust, I was interested in Ken Wilber's stuff for about a minute, but I find it overly intellectual. So I don't dig it either. But the word "integral" somehow rings true for me. Your response to his site is interesting! Frankly, I was put off by the fact that you need to be a paying member . . .

That's a lot of quail! How fun! No bear that we know of, although friends recently spotted one just about one hour north of here. So who knows?

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California Girl said...

Nice snaps Ruth. The most eventful part of our winter, thus far, is the new beaver dam in the creek. NOW we have to decide what to do.

Happy Valentine's Day!