Thursday, October 12, 2006

Pumpkins in snow

What a difference a few days make. Last weekend we were in shirtsleeves at the cottage. Today it’s 31 degrees F (feels like 21 with the wind chill) and was snowing on the way to work. Remember, I posted about pumpkins in fog September 15 . Here is the same pumpkin stand this morning. We’ll be back into the 50s and maybe 60s next week. So it’s just brrrr for today. Until a few weeks from now.

Warmer thoughts go to Orhan Pamuk, the Turkish novelist who won the Nobel Peace Prize today. I wrote about him in one of my first posts. He was on trial this past year in Turkey for criticizing the Armenian and Kurdish massacres. The Turkish government, wanting to be accepted into the European Union, retracted its charges, since the EU believes in freedom of speech. Congratulations to him for being bold and for winning the Nobel!

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rachel said...

Aunt Ruthy, I am wondering if maybe you can help me. I am wanting to put together some text sets, which is basically 3 books that give different perspective on the same theme. Seeing your Orhan Pamuk post made me wonder if you might have some ideas for a text set based on this theme or another cultural theme. Or anyone else out there. I am wanting to illustrate that students must read wide and deep to find the truth.

Ruth said...

Rachel, I love this idea. Let's email more about it. It might take some digging, but that's the kind of digging I like. Tell me a theme, and let's go from there.

thehealingroom said...

wow, snow!
Some vegetables and certain apples need a bit of frost to taste good.

Ruth said...

THR, frost yes. :)

Heather said...

Beautiful pumpkins in the snow! I am a winter person, so I love the snow. I was delighted to see it coming down yesterday.

Ruth said...

Heather, I'm with you. The cold is taking some getting used to, but I love winter. I love the clarity, for one thing!

Ginnie said...

Such a photo, Ruth! I was just in LA and captured pumpkins in the much warmer weather there, but this is so indicative of what autumn is about, readying us for the "death" to come. Without it, we do not have resurection, of course. I don't think of death, ironically, when I think of winter or snow or frost. Does that mean "death" does have it's own beauty?

Rauf said...

Seasons change so fast Ruth, the misty pumpkins are still fresh in my memory

Recently watched Orhan Pamuk on BBC, the case against him being dropped.

Ruth said...

Rauf, as Ginnie wonders, so do I. Will we have a harsh winter? I love winter in Michigan.

I heard Pamuk on the radio the day he received the Nobel. Said he writes 10 hours a day and has been working on a new novel for 4 years. No wonder he writes so well.

sex said...