Sunday, October 08, 2006

Horseshoe Lake

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Thank you, Lesley, for letting me go out in your kayak! Dad/Don and I loaded it onto our little Chevy Aveo, and you can see they fit well together. Here we are at the cottage!

I did as promised and was on the lake Saturday morning before the sun rose. In fact, I was on the lake before the moon set (above).

Then the sun rose. At this moment (above) in the fog, it was a little freaky. I could hear geese honking all around and above, but I could see nothing. Nothing except the light.

Then as it rose, the sun began to dispel the fog.

I spent 2 hours and paddled around the whole lake. I was alone, except for one fishing boat, and the geese. As you see, the lake was a glass mirror the entire time.

The view below is looking at our cottage. See it up there on the hill nestled in the trees (just to the right of middle)?

I ventured out again in the kayak briefly Saturday evening. I followed this blue heron (below) around for a bit and had him "trapped" on this fallen tree. It got so dark I had to use flash. Poor guy must have wondered what I was. He finally got up the courage to fly away.

This morning, before leaving for home, it was another glorious October day, and I took shots from our cottage on the hill. I think we have the best spot on the lake. Why don't we drive the hour and a half to this place more often? I know there are some in the family who live too far away to go often and would if they lived this close.

We come every 4th of July and New Year's for family gatherings. The place is packed with people, kids laughing and splashing, speedboats and jet skis buzzing, everyone cooking at once in the narrow kitchen. It's heaven.

But it's another version of heaven to be there on a quiet autumn weekend when the geese are stopping off on their journey south, herons are fishing, and the mist sits like feathers on the lake.


lesleyanne said...

first comment by me?? this almost never happens!

i can't believe how beautiful the lake and cottage look. seriously. the leaves are barely even starting to change here in new york, but i'll be in central park soon to watch and try to get some taste of the beauty i miss back home.

yes, michigan will always be home.

being in a kayak is almost like a flying carpet on top of the water. floating, silence, only the quite sounds the oars make as they hit the water. i'm happy you got to make it yours for a few hours.

Rauf said...

Dreamy sunrise pictures Ruth, You don't get such beauty even in our dreams.

Saw the enlarged images, some images refused to enlarge.
Now you must be all charged up, energised. This weekend treat will reflect in your work

Rauf said...

Waking up early makes our day very long Ruth !
I ask myself and I ask my friends how many sunrises we have seen in our lives, not many.

heather said...

Beautiful pics, Ruth. It makes me wish I could rent your cabin for an autumn weekend. I love the snap of the blue heron. They are so beautiful.

Ruth said...

Lesley, your comparison to a flying carpet is perfect. So quiet. I became conscious of the paddle and never wanted to bump the boat, it seemed so disruptive. But even the dips in the water seemed quiet, just a little sploosh. I could go so fast! But most of the time slowly skimmed along. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

There must be some beautiful spots in Central Park in the fall. I hope you can spend lots of time enjoying them.

I love you!

Ruth said...

Rauf, thank you. I couldn't get some to enlarge either. I wonder if loading them at home on dialup affects that.

You're right, there's nothing like a weekend full of quiet time in nature, and also artistic fulfillment, to recharge for a season.

Ruth said...

Oh, and I forgot to say that I agree with you, Rauf, that rising early is the best. I feel robbed when/if I get up after the sun.

Ruth said...

Thank you, Heather. You never know which autumn weekends are going to be beautiful. We feel fortunate that last weekend was gorgeous. Next weekend is supposed to be rainy and cold! Maybe even snow.

Patty said...

Ruth, the 3rd image-WOW! must've been like an out of body experience, not being able to see in any direction or like being inside a dream or your imagination. how cool! the photos from start to finish were fantastic! thanks for sharing some moments from your getaway!

Ruth said...

Patty, I'm glad you could share this with me. It was one of those spans of time that was magical, and I was in it, part of it. I'll never forget it. So many different views, changes in lighting, etc.

Ginnie said...

We both know that there is sacrifice in getting at that magical hour when the photos are the best. You obviously made that sacrifice (getting up early) and produced, as Peter said, maybe the best photos of Horseshoe Lake I have ever seen! What an inspiration!

Ruth said...

Thank you so much, Ginnie. :) You know, it really wasn't hard to get up before the sun. It was exhilerating!

I'm so glad you're BAAAACCCKK!

Mrs. M. said...

7 years ago Garland and I were in MI, with you and Nancy planning our wedding....

some of these photos match one we took the day before our wedding. The 16th, however, was gray skies. I like those too, because the leaves simply popped out.

All our wedding pictures look like a fake backdrop because of its perfection. So glad you were able to have this time up there.

It is a glimpse of heaven on this side.

Ruth said...

Mrs. M., yes, that is a great memory. Autumn is a beautiful time anyway, and for a wedding, and at the cottage!

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