Friday, October 13, 2006

Meridian barn

The drive home from work yesterday was beautiful, with the early snow and autumn leaves still on the trees. Breathtaking contrasts. (When I pulled over to take this photo, a man in a truck passed, then backed up to see if I was all right. I held up my camera, and he apologized. Folks out in the country look out for each other.)

This barn is on the corner of Meridian Road and M-36, in Dansville. This is the actual "Michigan Meridian" but I can't find the number of degrees.

BTW, which version of this photo do you like better, color or sepia/BW? Click on photos to enlarge.


Ginnie said...

I still can't believe you've had snow already! What are they saying about your upcoming winter? Worse than normal? I love that you country folk are looking out for each other!

That's a hard question about which pic I like better. I think the first one but I DO like sepia/BW. Decisions, decisions!

Peter said...

The pictures do similar things for me, it just seems like they are spaced 100 years apart. They should be thought of as a duo.

Ruth said...

Ginnie, I haven't heard anything about the winter ahead. This old barn is one of our favorites around here. A real deluxe model.

Pete, I can live with that diplomatic answer.

Rauf said...

The first one Ruth, just beautiful. The truck driver stopping to enquire your welfare is very touching.

Ruth said...

Thank you, Rauf. I think I prefer the color photo too. Yes, three years ago I hit a deer, poor thing, and many people slowed down to ask if I was all right. I had my mobile, so I was able to get help.

Heather said...

Ruth, the sepia reminds me of the tintypes that Robert is taking, but I think I prefer the color one. Yup, out in the country people take care of one another. It makes me sad to think of how alienated we are from one another. Blogs help, I guess.

Ruth said...

Heather, yes, you're right about Robert's tintypes. I like the color version too. Even though it's color, it's subtle and still feels old. Can't help myself, I love old things.

Even out here in the country neighbors don't spend a lot of time interacting. But when you need them, they seem to be there.

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