Saturday, October 14, 2006

Happy Birthday, Peter

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24 years ago today my son Peter was born. Happy day!
Peter, you're a man of character, talent, humor, depth, intelligence, beauty and grace. I bless the day you were born.
This 1983 photo of Peter on my back is in the Redwood Forest in California. I was 26, just two years older than he is now.


Mrs. M. said...

OOHHHH!! I think what I like best of this photo is remembering my cute little cousin at this age! :)

Of course, eventhough he is all the things you described (and don't you know women other than you would add "incredibly hot" to your list), he is still my little cousin of whom I'm incredibly proud of the man he is!


Heather said...

Great photo of you and Peter, Ruth. You haven't changed a bit in 24 years. I must agree with Mrs. M. Your son is incredibly hot. And I can say things like that now that I'm married. :) Happy Birthday, Peter. Ruth, you and Don always create the coolest things--especially kids. :)

Ruth said...

Mrs. M., yes, you knew him "when." :) Even changed his nappies a few times, eh? Still can't believe we put you through that weekend alone with our kids at such a young age. Thank you again for our weekend in Santa Barbara! :D

Ruth said...

Heather, thank you. Peter was such a funny baby at the age in this photo. At the moment Don snapped this pic, he was in one of his raptures -- his whole body and voice would get so happy he just couldn't contain it all. His arms and feet would fly, and his tongue would trill out a squeal. Put us in stitches.

Lesley said...

i missed having king crab legs and hot fudge cake!

i love that photo. oh so much.

Ruth said...

Les, we missed you very much. That fourth chair was lonely. :(

We should start planning a mom and pop NYC visit for April to celebrate your 26th (the same age as me in this photo!).

In the meantime, Christmas!!!! Have you looked at fares lately?

Rauf said...

I sincerely apologise Ruth, I was out the whole day yesterday and today, spending some time in the country side just to walk and think. It is draining me.

Thats a lovely picture, you are simply gorgeous, just like a caring loving mother should be. You resemble my friend, she has two sons now, one about to be married. But she has put on weight.
Peter Lesley and don must be proud of you.

Please convey my wishes to Peter. Wish him all the joy health and sunshine in the world for me.

Ginnie said...

Ruth, I am tongue-tied because this is the first year since WHEN that we both totally forgot about Peter's birthday! What happened!!??!! Well, having an incredibly full week and weekend didn't help but that's no excuse. Guess we have some lost time to make up!

Apart from that, it IS a wonderful photo of you both. So great for this post :)


Ruth said...

Dear Rauf, thank you for your kind compliment, and your well wishes for Peter's birthday. So glad for your friendship!

I am so proud of my children, and my husband. I am the happiest of women.

Ruth said...

Ginnie, you of all people can be forgiven for missing a birthday! The way you and D have been hither and yon all these weeks, months, years . . it takes my breath away!

We always know your love is there. Your support and love are gold to us.

Peter said...

Thanks for the blog mom..and thanks for the weekend of b-day fun!

Ruth said...

Peter, it was my pleasure!

It was cool that the Tigers won the playoffs on your birthday! Whoohoo!

thehealingroom said...

Fantastic Photo. It really captures the little guys spirit.
What a face! I love it.

Ruth said...

Thanks, THR! I must say, he still has the same sense of humor!

rachel said...

When I see Peter laughing and sticking out his tongue like that, I can invision Uncle Don doing the same back at him! Was this a learned behavior, or is there actually a silly-happy gene they possess?

Ruth said...

Rachel, good question. They've both been doing it for so long, I think it's impossible to say. Almost every week I see them laugh like this.

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