Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Happy Birthday, Don

I'm so glad you were born.


Ing said...

Have a great birthday, Don! Looks like the weather is playing along today.

Ruth: how did you manage to get all those candles on the cake? ;-)

Ginnie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, indeed! We, too, are glad he was born!!

Ruth said...

Ing: I just grabbed all I had and threw them on -- didn't count, so you shouldn't try either. :)

Ginnie: Knowing Don as you do, maybe you agree that he is just about the most easy-to-be-with person in the world, although he and Donica might compete stiffly for that one. How they put up with US is the question. :)

Donica said...

Happy Birthday Don...hope your day has been GREAT!!

Ruth-I think Don is a hands down winner of the "easy-to-be-with" award. And, speaking for myself....putting up with you and Boots is always a pleasure.

Lots of Love to you both!!

Don said...

I love you Ruth. You are worth being born for.

Inge: You are the best non-relative woman friend in the world.

Bootsie: you are a gem and nicely polished

Donica: I think you and I were sisters or brothers or something in past lives, and we got along great then too!


Ginnie said...

And to that I must say, "Don, you take the cake!"

Rachel said...

Happy Birthday Uncle Don- I am thankful for the childhood memories of you acting silly and for all the times you have made me laugh! Happy Birthday!!!