Monday, April 03, 2006

The "end" of the rainbow

I know very little of the physics of our world, but what I "know" astonishes me. What I saw Friday driving home from work blew me away.

I saw the end of the rainbow! I don’t know how many rainbows I’ve seen in my lifetime, not all that many. Always, the ends of the colorful arc are hidden behind trees, clouds, buildings.

Friday, driving home in a mix of lightening and thunder, rain and hail, there was a rainbow, and sometimes a double rainbow (as you can see in the photo above). And most exciting was that the end of the rainbow was visible, which you can just see if you look closely at the zoom of the same view below, in front of the trees.

I know the prism is a result of the sun shining through the water molecules in the air, a physical law. But that the Creator decided to make it so beautiful, so complete and whole, is a sign that beauty, light and truth are at the center of all things.

The full spectrum of color, the same colors that clairvoyants see in our chakras – our own ever-present rainbow -- the perfect balance and symmetry, this is our fundamental truth! This is who we are, what the world is, why we need to peel away layers to see it as often and as regularly as possible. Our hope, our truth, our beauty, our light.


Ginnie said...

You had Magic in your hands, Ruth, when you took these so-brilliant photos. To have seen the end of the rainbow AND captured it is Pure Magic. I, too, have seen the end of the rainbow (in Colorado, I think) and am still amazed by it. I love how you have connected it to the rainbows of our chakras. So that must mean our bodies are full of God's promises. Promises of what? Life??

Nathan said...

sometimes i try to go to that place beyond human sense or imagination, to see the beauty outside of our spectrums. obviously, i can't "go there" (yet), but in the trying, there is wonder.

one day will we look upon God? if so, ooohhh, my heart leaps in anticipation.

PS. have you seen Shadowlands?

Ruth said...

Ginnie: I was a mad woman driving, then stopping, snapping away. It was the moment, and I had the camera (most always now)! The promise? Maybe that we ARE what we see in this spectrum.

Nathan: I saw Shadowlands so long ago, I don't remember any reference you are making. We need to watch it again. What are you remembering?

Rachel said...

Oh, you should be paid to write this blog! Today, I was so stressed, running late. It never rains in Phoenix, until you are late for work and the top is down on your convertible! And as I ran out the door to leave, the rain started pouring! So, hysterically, Swede and I put the top back up, dried off my seats, and I headed off to work when I should have already been there. But what did I see before my very eyes... a giant rainbow over my workplace. Perhaps if I had been on time, I would have missed it! Another reminder that there is no need to get stressed, even being late happens for a reason!

Ruth said...

Rachel: You are hilarious! I'm glad we both had rainbows in our lives, and especially that you were delayed and saw the value of that.

Thanks for thinking I should be paid to do this. There is just a lot of pleasure in it for me, it feels like breathing. I'm so happy you connect with it.