Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Detroit houses

Since Lesley began studying at the College for Creative Studies (CCS) in Detroit, we’ve been learning more about Detroit, exploring neighborhoods, and generally appreciating it as a community more. (She graduates this semester, and today she flies to Milan to represent her school at the Milan Furniture Fair! See my post February 16.)

Saturday we took her to lunch and explored the exhibits at her school, HER exhibits, our last visit before she graduates May 11.

We also explored two historic residential areas. I want to show some of Detroit’s houses. They're not as spectacular as mansions in many places, but I love them. The first, above, is in the Canfield historic district. The other two, including Jack White’s former residence (which one do you think it is? hint: the band White Stripes, everything in the band is black and white, hmm?), are in Indian Village.

Architect Albert Kahn was among the architects of homes in Indian Village. Edsel Ford among the home owners. The wide variety of architectural styles is amazing. Many people bought up these homes in the past few decades for a song since many need refurbishing.


Ginnie said...

You know, of course, how much I love architecture...even in the USA! I even noticed that Indian Village has half-timbered houses, like those in Germany. But of course, since Kahn is German! Don't you just love it that our Melting Pot means we really do have the world at our doorstep!

I am so excited for Lesley. Does she have a way to be in contact with you while she's gone or will you have to wait till she comes back to get any of the wonderful details?

Rachel said...

What about Kid Rock's pad? My friend Jen lives down the street! But I'm not sure what that district is- it's on the lake.

Ruth said...

Ginnie: Yes, we saw some of the half-timbered houses in Indian Village, so nice. Lesley plans to email us at some point, with her chaperone's laptop. Can't wait!

Rachel: I don't know about Kid Rock's place. We went through the Riverfront area (I think that's what it was called). I wonder if it's around there?

Nathan said...

ruth, have i ever showed you our neighborhood in brooklyn? (the first 2 and last 3 images are of our brownstone).

Ruth said...

Yes, Nathan, I have seen these, and I LOVE your neighborhood. You and Nancy have got to have one of the VERY coolest neighborhoods and buildings of anyone I know. It is very photogenic. It's the ideal NYC neighborhood.

When can we come?

Nathan said...

anytime! although, will be switching jobs this summer, and my new job comes with an apartment on central park west. so, we'll be moving there in August. we'll have a lot more space, and of course a great "front yard", so you can come visit us there too!

(haven't announced the job change to the rest of the world yet, so keep it on the DL).

Ruth said...

holy cow! Central Park, huh? Some people! I'll lie low about this news, although you realize at least a half dozen family members read my blog. :)

Hope we can visit either neighborhood in the next year.