Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sunday morning walk

Before the house is awake,
the birds have been calling
for hours.

The bamboo
had a shower

and waits
for the sun

to dry itself.

Dandelions' gossamer
remind me of
Don's Polish hen heads.

The grapes have begun to form on the vine.

Iris heads are
reaching up, out
of their skin.

Pelargonium in a pot,
honeysuckle by the pond
magenta-size the air.

dances its
insect dance.

A lady is at
in the
Russian Olive.

Lilies of the Valley
ring in white.

And back to the house where Bishop is still asleep.


Sharon said...

What an incredible morning! I am grateful just imagining it. I want to curl up around Bishop and wait for the sun to warm us. Thanks Ruth

Sandy said...

I LOVE these photos and walking with you. Okay..that's it...I'm getting out of this house today!!

I'm inspired...

Drowsey Monkey said...

You "almost" make me want to be a morning person. But naw, I'll just come here and drink in your photos instead. They certainly are lovely. But, I'm with Bishop on this one, LOL.

Loring Wirbel said...

A similar day in Colorado Springs, but with columbine and aspen buds, and I've already been out dancing in it.

Freefalling said...

Oh - isn't it good to be alive!
(I may have said this before - but the alternative isn't much chop!)
I can feel the joy of life rising up inside me, just from looking at these photos.
I wanna come and stay at your house!

(oh - and I wanted to tell you - Across the Universe is one of my most favourite songs EVER - but the Rufus Wainwright version).

Anet said...

That was a beautiful morning walk! I felt as if I was strolling right along side of you.
Your kitty looks so comfey cozy.
Now a steaming cup of coffee and a good book is all I'll need!

Astrid said...

Ruth, these pictures are masterpieces of their beautiful, so full of MY morning feeling too, thank you for sharing these with us....and to Bishop I would say...plaese keep on dreaming....I do the same.....grin....

Ruth said...

Sharon, Drowsey and Astrid, there is room on the porch for you to take a morning nap with Bishop, but only one other chair. Please bring your own.

* - *

Oh, poor Sandy, has the weather 'improved'? Is it 110 yet? I remember those days of not wanting to go outside in So Cal, but that was when it WAS 110 and sunny.

- * -

Loring, we have aspens around the pond, but we call them poplars. Same thing, right? I am jealous of your mountains.

* - *

Letitia! I'm glad to see you up and at 'em. You may come stay at our house, there's plenty of room. I'll play 'Across the Universe' for you . . oh but then you'll want to leave.

- * -

Anet, I'm with you and the coffee, in fact I'm gonna get one right now. And thanks!

Gwen Buchanan said...

Gorgeous,Gorgeous, Gorgeous!!!!

Ruth the beauty of your photography always tells a story... of care, appreciation, quiet moments, all captured before anyone else noticed...

Heather said...

Love those irises, Ruth. Irises are my fave flower. Everytime I see them in someone's yard, it makes me want to go out in the dead of night and steal them. I would never do that, though. I'm too lazy to plant my own. My dad's green thumb ended with him, methinks.

Ginnie said...

I can just picture you on that walk, Ruth. I love your farm at that time of the day. Maybe in August I'll have another chance for it. What beautiful, floral memories. What idyllic peace. Were the chickens up yet???

Loring Wirbel said...

Ruth - kinda-sorta right. Quaking aspens are a subspecies of poplar, but considered a totally different tree than the eastern poplar tree. There are some similarities in the bark, but aspens have tall trunks and their leaves don't pop out until 20 feet up or so, at least when the trees are full grown.

Anonymous said...

A perfect morning and photos as well.
Most beautiful morning story ever.

Ruth said...

Thank you, Gwen. Your words mean a lot to me.

- * -

Heather, I didn't plant these iris, so we're pretty lucky. I don't think they take much care, but they do like having their roots at the surface of the soil. Irises are pretty incredibly delicate and detailed, aren't they?

* - *

Boots, getting up early often results in breathtaking beauty, as you know. I hope the mornings you're here will be beautiful too.

- * -

Ok, Loring.

* - *

Yay for morning, Leena! You'll have mornings like this soon at the lake!

Bob Johnson said...

Great shots, I am a morning person, It smells all fresh, a new start, love your cat, like mine always sleeping.

Ruth said...

Bob, you and I both know the rewards of early rising (sometimes VERY early to look for certain night sky phenomena, right?). I imagine our Bishop is out all night on the prowl and needs her beauty rest during the day.

Cloudscome said...

Love these photos. I hope you'll join my garden tour on Sunday at

mystic rose said...

How soothingly lovely the first picture looks. But i loved all of them, thank you for sharing all this beauty with us.

Ruth said...

Ok, Cloudscome. Thanks for the visit and invite.

* - *

Mystic Rose, I'm glad you feel what we feel about this place through these photos.