Tuesday, May 27, 2008

home from Gotham City

The girl is like her father.

Her hands are alive with many projects, such as this sweater for her friend's new baby, Eden.

She is not like her mother, who stares out windows.

I want to see her shots of Floozie!

She came home to the farm for R & R, but she helped her dad, along with Peter, construct a new room in the chicken coop and put in a veggie garden. She weeded and planted a bed for the morning glories.

She helped her dad give Honey a trim. Poor thing couldn't see! Kept bumping into things. Honey and her sisters could use some head bands like Lesley's.

The daughter did relax too.

When she wakes up we're going to 1. go see "Indiana Jones" with her brother; 2. go to the Secretary of State to replace her drivers license that got stolen with her wallet last week in NYC; 3. come home and have a photo shoot in the studio for some professional head shots, then drive her to the airport!
Thank you, sweet girl, for all the help and energy! And thanks to your brother who is more like me but also helped a ton! I loved having you home.


Anet said...

Ruth! What a beautiful girl you have!! I would love to see the chickens wearing head bands! lol
I love how shes like her dad and Peter is like you! It looks like you had a wonderful weekend. I bet you didn't want to return her to the airport! I'm not good at give up my kids yet, I hope that come with time.

Gwen Buchanan said...

So good to have time to reconnect in person... beautiful to see your children as they grow up...

sorry about your daughters stolen wallet... my daughter, Shannon has had so many of her things stolen in and around Vancouver, BC (her van, a fantastic camera, she studied photography and clay; her wallet;her backpack; brand new coat; best bike she ever had; her complete belongings after returning from a long summer job at a isolated coastal fishing lodge that could only be gotten to by plane, then boat;the list goes on and on ).. I can't imagine why she is still there... I would have lost my faith in society... She is not naive but I think she is too trusting! She fell in love with the landscape there and now works in garden landscaping!! a modern day hippie!

Anonymous said...

Both kind of types are needed and every type between them and outside too.
Now I try to see from grandchildren, do they have any creatures about Heikki or me. I have noticed, that one is like her mother, my daughter in law and Melli has got her dark hair from her other grandmother and also from her great grandmother, her nose is from her great grandfather and I can guess, that she will not like that figure of the nose :)
We can think these features of their appearance or their character, when they are healthy, because the healthiness is most important , we all understand that and it is a big miracle.

Sorry, I did not mean to lecture :)

Loring Wirbel said...

Somehow I get the feeling that Lesley not only gets R&R, but the chicks and their wild do's give inspiration for the next round of Pink Graffiti designs. These pics are just outstanding.

Sharon said...

I'm like you Ruth, a contented window starer but I imagine that your farm, the chicks, and being with mom and dad were all relaxing and nourishing too.

Thanks Leslie for letting your mom share you with us! Have a safe flight back!

Sandy said...

ahhhh, to have a daughter, what must that be like! You are blessed.

I really enjoyed the photos and seeing the haircut..hahaha..that is one CUTE birdie. So is your daughter...Hope you let us know your critique on the movie. I'm a looking out of the window doing nothing kind of gal too. But I know you do a lot also, just like me when I get in the mood.

Mrs. M. said...

What a wonderful time for your family, and the chicks!

Will she be coming in for the 4th?

Freefalling said...

Go Lesley, go!!!
I'm very envious of her energy!
Try as I might to get stuck into something, you can rest assured something shiny will distract me and I'll be off on a different tangent.
So little time - so much to daydream about!

I waved my mum off at the airport last week - quality not quantity, right?

Peter said...

I miss her already!

Drowsey Monkey said...

Oh my, she is a bundle of energy. My mom was like that as is my sister. My dad and I were the grand thinkers in the family, hence our need to spend time alone ... not doing much of anything ... LOL! The world needs both types to survive! Thank goodness for the busy workers tho :)

Don said...

We did have a great time together. I enjoyed the fun and hard work and also the hard work of conversation as we talked about negativity and how easily it can dominate conversation and life itself.

I think we have some White Crested Polish girls in need of a trim.

Bob Johnson said...

You tell a great story with your excellent photos, I would love to see the pic she took while you were taking her taking it,lol. Honey is too cute, oh and how was Indiana Jones?

Ruth said...

Anet, I don't know that it gets easier to say good-bye to her, but I do adjust. Knowing she is very happy in her life helps A LOT. But I don't think we'll let it go this long again (since Christmas).


Now Gwen that sounds like something you would expect from NYC, not Vancouver. All those experiences - how terrible! I've always wanted to visit there, but it's a big city after all I guess, wow. I was just grateful she wasn't hurt, mugged, etc.


Leena, oh little Melli's nose will be adorable as it grows. Yes, health is all, we can learn to live with the rest. That was a lecture? Nah. If you start to lecture I think it will be about biology, and I would sit in rapt attention.

Ruth said...

Loring, I told Lesley what you wrote on the way to the airport, and she smiled. She may not have been conscious of it until that moment, but I think you might be right. Thanks so much, I'm glad you like the pics.


Sharon, it did seem to be the right mix of work and relaxation. I must say that by Monday we were all a bit tuckered out and all of us sat on the porch and stared. The weather was fantastic all weekend. Then suddenly it got cold Tuesday.


Sandy, thanks, I know, it's great to have a son and daughter and experience momming both, and such different personalities too.

As for "Indiana Jones" I'll say 3 things I liked about it:

1. opening credits sequence
2. first 15 minutes of Cate Blanchett's persona
3. the fact that we only paid $5 for a pre-noon show.

Ruth said...

Mrs. M., Lesley chose Farm Day in August instead of the 4th, it was hard for her to decide. But I'm so happy she'll be here again in less than two months.


Letitia, I envy Lesley and Don for that too, and sometimes I feel guilty, but I'm learning to adjust. (smile) You're right about the quality time. And I suppose it would be a bit odd if she (or you) still lived with Mum).


Pete, it was fun, wasn't it? She'll be home soon, oh, it's not less than 2 months like I said to Mrs. M., more like 2 1/2. Thank you again, Bo.

Ruth said...

Drowsey, my sister was like that too, more energy in her little finger than I have in my whole body. But I always thought she was missing out by not staring out windows more . . .


Don, yeah, that was hard work too. But THAT'S the kind of hard work I like, usually.


Bob, please read what I wrote to Sandy for the Indiana Jones review. The best I can say is that it was entertaining, sort of. It's just not the '80s any more now.

And I know, I'm dying to see her pics of Floozie! I hope she'll send them to me. Thanks for your comment.

Astrid said...

These pictures are a treasure, is that Kuifje?? Or am I seeing things...I think you all had a great time together and the weather was your friend too, thanks for sharing these special moments.

Ruth said...

Astrid, Kuifje is a black with white crest I think, yes? The weather was fantastic.

Ginnie said...

I love how you see you and Don in your kids, Ruth! Kinda like how we do/don't see Mom and Dad in us, right? She is one sweet gal and I know you're proud of her...and also of her brother! Thanks for sharing!

Ruth said...

Thank you, Boots. Both kids talked about how much they love having you and Donica in their life last weekend.

You must have commented from Hawaii!!

mystic rose said...

she looks like you, :) no surprises there. I cant help laughing about Honey getting a trim , I can very well imagine the head band on it.
sounds like a lovely weekend!
so what did you think of Indiana Jones?

Ruth said...

Mystic Rose, most people think Lesley looks like her dad, but I think as she gets older she looks more like me. Now what does that say?

Indiana Jones wasn't great, it's hard to recreate that excitement we had for it back in the early '80s. It was tolerable I suppose . . . There was potential for Cate Blanchett's character to be wonderful, but she just got bogged down in ho-hum writing, and a very blah plot.

laura said...

Lesley is probably more like the girl who hiked the Alps than you realize! (I envy the muscles: I never had them, not even in the 70s!) Lesley looks like Don, I think, but has your smile.

carl h. sr. said...

I had to come here to appreciate your carrots. What rich looking soil your husband and daughter have their hands in! I love this picture I guess partly because I so treasure the time spent doing the same with my children.

Ruth said...

Laura, I think Lesley looks like Don too, yet she has some of me also. She definitely has her dad's energy, thankfully.

Ruth said...

Carl! There isn't anything better than doing things together with people you love. As you see I treasured Don and Lesley's joint effort too.