Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Tomorrow, Wednesday, February 20 will be the last total lunar eclipse for the next three years.
This photo was from the last one in August 2007. It was a nice warm clear early morning with coffee and my Bishop. Tomorrow from 8:30pm until midnight when the eclipse will transpire, it will be 3°F (-17°C) and possibly cloudy. Rather than sit with coffee and my tripod, I'll likely have to stand the tripod and snap, then take the camera back into the house until the next phase. If the camera batteries get too cold, the camera won't function. Not to speak of me.
This NASA site says the moon will turn red (because of the earth's atmosphere) and there might even be a bit of turquoise around the edges (passing through the ozone layer, the red will be filtered out, making it look turquoise blue). The turquoise should show up at the beginning and ending of the totality, around 10:01 and 10:51pm EST. "Maximum beauty" should be around 10:26pm EST.
I'm sorry to say my friends in India won't be able to see much of this eclipse, apparently.
I'm hoping for a clear sky and a functioning camera.


Hayden said...

oooh, thanks for posting this. I knew it was happening, but not about the red and turquoise. Will have to check it out from here and see if I can see. Rain forecast, but with luck it will clear for awhile.

Drowsey Monkey said...

My gosh that is beautiful. What do you do with your photos? They should be in a book somewhere. That one should be framed on my wall! I love it.

I am serious about the photos...I can't remember if this is your profession or not...even though I drop by here all the time!

Loring Wirbel said...

Photography SHOULD be Ruth's second profession after English undergrad work, if only because coffee-table books filled with her work could easily take down the best of Robert Mapplethorpe.

Bob Johnson said...

I heard of this site through drowseymonkey, nice shot of the Moon and good luck with the weather tomorrow, it will be iffy at best here in Saskatoon Sk.

Ruth said...

Hayden, I hope you can watch it out there in northern California, hope the sky will clear. I'm guessing it will be warmer for you at least. I hope I'll have at least one good photo to post from it. Thanks for your visit!

Ruth said...

Drowsey, I'm an amateur photographer, but your question is a wonderful compliment. PLEASE, feel free to use any of my photos. In fact, I'd be happy to send you this one for you to print out, if you're serious. I have never done that, so I need friends like rauf to tell me what resolution to save it as before sending. I think if you just save the image from my blog, the resolution won't be so great for printing. But sending a large file via email doesn't sound feasible either. But always, my photos are not encumbered with ownership. They're mostly of Nature, and no one owns Nature, why should I, by taking a picture of it?

Ruth said...

Loring, you astonish me. Mapplethorpe is an icon, I have a lot to learn from him and his flower photos, and maybe someday his portraits, when I start using my new camera (in repair). But it pleases me to no end that you get pleasure from my pictures. That makes me feel that I am conveying something of the subject's essence to you out there in Colorado. It's magic, really, to be able to connect this way. And I sincerely appreciate your expression of that.

Ruth said...

Bob, I hope everyone who visits my blog and reads these comments will visit your site. It's just amazing. Those GIFs are phenomenal, and your photos just spectacular. I hope you'll have a great time with the eclipse tonight under clear skies. Thanks so much for your visit.

Rauf said...

Hope the sky is clear Ruth. if its cloudy please show the vacuum cleaner to the sky and suck the clouds.

Ruth said...

rauf, your hope was fulfilled. Thank you so much. It was absolutely clear, no need for the Hoover.

Drowsey Monkey said...

Seriously, I thought you were a should be! Make a book...DO IT!

I'm glad you and Bob found each others blogs...I knew you'd like each other! ;)

Maybe I'll feature some of your photos on drowseypics...not that I get a lot of visitors but I'd be honoured to do that.

Ruth said...

Drowsey, I'm so TICKLED that you features my photos. :) And I like the ones you picked! Thank you thank you thank you.