Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Listening to presidential hopefuls and starting to write short fiction this week have me thinking about perspective, and perception. Oh, and two posts ago hearing your differing opinions about Zaha Hadid's modern aluminum and glass architectural concept in a row of traditional brick university buildings.

Barack Obama is our savior. Barack Obama is no different from any other politician. He could transform the image of America. He will not change anything.

Eckhart Tolle said that if you were born into precisely the same circumstances as another person, you would make the same choices they have made. Well, you could never prove that one, could you?

What creates our perspective? How much of it is conscious choice? How much is default reaction based on how we were raised? How much is based on educating ourselves, being exposed to someone else's perspective?

If I could zoom in on one little piece of the canvas in this evolving life, I'd like to work on taking myself less seriously while being more open to someone else's perspective.

How can I take myself too seriously when yesterday I:
  • made coffee - water in, grounds in - without putting the pot in its spot: yeah, coffee overflowing onto the floor
  • getting ready to color my own hair last night, instead of mixing the activating cream with the TINT, I mixed it with the CONDITIONER, in other words, a waste of seven bucks and an hour's time

It was a full moon yesterday. Does that change things?


Donovan Moore said...

As long as our political system is the poster boy for dualism in our society, nothing of substance will ever change. As much as Mr. Obama seems to be the "lesser" of the evils, I agree with you that no matter who is elected it will not really matter. I'm glad I am over that dream too. Byron Katie for President 2112.

Ginnie said...

Perception and Perspective! Well spoken, my dear, and so true. And at any given moment we can only do our best with either, listening to our own truth. Years ago I witnessed a car accident and had to give my report to the police. I was STUNNED later when I read the report of the other 5 witnesses and found out that their stories were different from mine! How can that be? We all saw the same thing (or did we!).

Anyway, I TOTALLY BELIEVE that the full moon wreaks her havoc and pleasure! You don't have to work long in assisted living before you SEE it every month. Just think what YOU will be like a few years from now, after what happened to the day before yesterday! HA! And now I'm laughing my head off (shame on me!).

Ruth said...

Donovan, I swore I wouldn't get sucked in this election, but I admit I'm not completely over the hope of a new President. I DO have to say that I have changed my thinking about one thing: I didn't used to think it mattered who the President was. After the last seven years, I can see I was wrong about that. If anything, I pray that whoever our new President will be, she/he will be able to bring the country together in some way and just as importantly take us to the world to seek forgiveness.

Ruth said...

Boots, I've heard about police reports and how each witness perspective is different. Like I've heard that because people tend to think of thieves as young, they will often attribute youth to the person they "saw" - even if it isn't true.

Hehehe, I love imagining you in a fit of laughter picturing me in a few years when I really start messing up. :D All I could think two days ago when I screwed up those things was how glad I was that nobody died! Ok, now you can laugh again.

SwedeHart said...

It was so refreshing to hear you refer to the president as he or she. Can you believe it's taken this long? They all have their pros and cons. It's a tough choice to make. At least your mistake didn't make you go bald! Butterfingers! My mother says they are a part of a woman's cycle, and since we are mostly water, it is fair to say that the moon has got you wrapped around its little finger:D

Ruth said...

I know, Swedehart, I thought the same thing, my hair could be green, or disappeared. And nobody died.

mystic rose said...

what were you thinking while you were mixing the conditioner withhte tint, i wonder?! I still read instructions and go through the whole process so carefully with trepidation, half expecting something awful to happen :)

Ruth said...

It's strange, Mystic, becoz I read thru the instructions carefully the night before. Maybe becoz of that I didn't look at the bottles carefully the next day. The good thing I realize now is that my hair was conditioned for a whole 35 minutes - wow is it soft! :D

Rauf said...

We believe,
what we believe is truth to us.
Moon or shifting of planets.
They don't change us, we change for them.
Perecption emerging out of one brain keeps changing all the time.
There are many aspects of same truth.

Ruth, i don't know anything about this Obama, if he is planning sweeping changes he will go where the Kennedys went.
The American Presidents cannot afford to be different.

Rauf said...

Ruth, there's a saying in Urdu.
If you want to live in water, be in good terms with the crocodile.

Ruth said...

rauf, I can't believe you just said that. Today I wrote a new huffing post about Obama and the Kennedys.

sex said...