Saturday, October 06, 2007

choosing new colors, like van Gogh

I read recently that Vincent van Gogh, after being in "ashen" Paris for a year, traveled to the south of France and went crazy over color. I don't know if the golds and blues of these paintings came after that discovery.

From somewhere in me too, these colors want to come out.

So I changed my template.


freefalling said...

Just don't get too carried away and lop off an appendage!

ZenPragmaticist said...

I like the new color scheme! The virtual world Second Life contains some 3-D recreations of van Gough's work, like this one with an amazing 5-minute machinima video of the 3-D artist reconstructing 'Stary Night'.

Yor post also reminded me of one of my favorite films, Pleasantville ( ), thanks!


Ruth said...

Letitia, nope, not me, I think I'm going in the other direction, er, I mean, not that I'm going to GAIN any appendages.

Ruth said...

Dave, thanks!

I tried the link, but it was a dead one. I'll try again tomorrow.

You know, that's cool about "Pleasantville." My old template really was pretty subdued. Hehe.

It's great to have you stop by. I hope you're enjoying spring in Sydney.

Ginnie said...

I have been so ready to change my template for a year now, Ruth, and have not done it yet, for whatever reason. Who knows why. I'm so technologically challenged that I'm sure I think I'll kill the baby. Surely it's much easier than that but....

Anyway, I love it! Did Amy tell you that we plan to visit the Van Gogh Museum in A'dam this week? Donica has been several times with business groups but I've never been. I can hardly wait. :)

Loring Wirbel said...

Royal blue makes all the photography and Van Gogh look luminescent. The only area that looks out of sorts is the upper-right widget area, clock and weather. The orange-slice clock is a nice touch, but the edges of the orange peel look like they have the pixel-jaggies!

Paul said...

I love Van Vogh. His paintings are of real objects and people but it's like he paints them so that you see them with the same feelings he must have had when viewing them.

lesleyanne said...

i really enjoy his colors too mamman. and love the new colors of your blog! quite different from the light tans you had previously.
van gogh really had sort of a tragic life of struggle. i wonder that he loved color so much.

DrowseyMonkey said...

I love van Gogh and your new template. I change mine about once a week and then change it back to its original look, LOL.

Rauf said...

This is better.
good for pictures.
Good for colours
i wonder if VanGogh rememberd what he painted. he sold only one for 400 Francs in his lifetime. All his work was lying with Theo, van gogh never even had a second look.
i am not sure of this Ruth, read it some where. irving stone i think. Theo died six months after vangogh shot himself. He didn't want to be a burdon on Theo. He did not die immediately, died next day perhaps. i think Theo came before he died.

Britt-Arnhild said...

Ah, these colours are dancing.

I have been to that café once, or rather, we sat down at the neighbouring cafe then being able to enjoy the sight of it :-)

Ruth said...

Oh Boots it's so very easy. Just go to the "choose new template" page. The old stand-bys are a little un-exciting to me, but I have very little experience with HTML, so I need it very simple.

I am jealous of the museums you have there in AMS: Van Gogh, Rijksmuseum. Seeing "Night Watch" there was one of the highlights of my 19th year.

Ruth said...

Loring, yes, it was pixelated. I got rid of the weather widgets for now, which you couldn't even read. Changed the clock, still a bit edgy, but better. Darn, that orange was cool. I ain't talented when it comes to tinkering, so I just changed stuff. Glad you like the new colors.

Ruth said...

Paul, welcome to Synchronizing. I like how you put that, I agree. You have a nice blog, glad you stopped by.

Ruth said...

Weswey, you make a good point. Life is so complicated.

I'm glad you like the colors sweetie, my colorful girl.

Ruth said...

Drowsey, hehe. I like change too. I'm actually surprised at myself that I haven't changed this before now. But changes are brewing in me, and well, they have to come out.

Ruth said...

I'm glad you like the colors, rauf. I don't picture blue when I think of India, I picture red. But regardless, I picture COLOR. So I'm not surprised you like this better.

I saw you left a comment to Four Dinners at your site about a van Gogh show. I don't know anything about Theo, just his name.

Ruth said...

Britt-Arnhild, wow! That's an experience to savor. In Arles, right?

I'm glad you like the colors. I respect and admire your opinion and taste.

KMF said...

nice colour scheem

Ruth said...

Thank you, KMF.

Rauf said...

There was a documentary with some stunning visuals on VanGogh Ruth, John Hurt made the documentary richer with his voice.

Theo was VanGogh's affectionate brother.i don't know who is older.
Vangogh painted so fast that he hardly saw his own paintings again, most of them were lying with Theo. He sold only one painting in his lifetime for 400 francs. Theo supported him till the end, spending even for his stay at the mental institution. Theo got married, had his own financial problems, when Vangogh shot himself as he did not want to continue being a burdon on his dear brother. He did not die immediately, stayed alive till Theo came, died the next day i think. 6 months later Theo also died, not sure of the causes Ruth.

Ruth said...

rauf, I didn't know, I didn't know. Oh what a heartbreaking thing. What a grief this is. Hits hard.

I'll queue the movie.

Raw Kale said...

Hi, I love change! I love it, I love it, I love it! Sorry no time to explore your links today, but will perhaps tomorrow:D Been kinda busy lately- but, I'll be back soon.

Anonymous said...