Monday, July 16, 2007

Saturday night concert

They were dancing before the music started. Lots of kids. Some just crawled and rolled around in the open space. I wonder if they don't get out much.

When Peter started warming up, they really got into the dance. Ballet!

Then they started in full force to perform, the band, that is. And when they kick in outside like this, they really, really rock.

Peter even did one solo behind his head. Do you believe this is the same boy who would hide behind me when he was 4?

There were a few hundred people there in our university town square.

Don here, talking with the lead singer Brian's dad. That's Al in the back to the left, Peter's girlfriend's dad. We sat at Lou & Harry's restaurant outside, eating gyros and sipping $2 Long Island Iced Tea.

The whole band: Mike, Mark, Brian and our Peter.

By the end of the two hour concert, I don't know who were more tired, the band or the kids who danced. Actually, I think it was the band. And they had to go straight to another gig from here, to play and sing for another 3 hours!


Rauf said...

ah ! what an atmosphere. In such an atmosphere and a gathering where all know each other i really don't mind donkeys screaching there. It will be music to me. And a music concert would be heavenly.
Things, Things Things and people create a state of mind. In a different atmosphere even Mozart's concert would be an intolerable pain. Things and people are so important in our lives. Clowns talk about life in a paradise, A paradise without people and things would be as good as hell. Who made thing ? People made things. A car ? yes , a polluting car ? yes
Its a thing people made. People made ice cream. and People Like Peter made music. Joy.
even i keep ranting about nature nature nature. Just nature without man made things would be killing.
so life in a paradise would kill us.

I would not ask you and don if you were proud. Every one sitting there knows that Peter is your son. you don't have to say, he is my son he is my son.
Every one is so relaxed. Children feel so free. What more do i want ?

i take pictures of musiicians and singers for their CD covers. They always complain that i don't attend their concerts. Sometimes i go if they insist. Very elite atmosphere where every one is a fake. i become the biggest fake of them all.
the musician directly looks at me.
i can't even get up and walk.
i start scratching my head scratching my beard. People come and talk, they are nice to me, they have to be nice to me
i know why they are nicc to me, they have to come to me for pictures. i show my teeth. EEEEEEE
Then i sit cross legged looking relaxed nodding my coconut as if i am enjoying their music. You can't find a bigger fake than me Ruth.
I never liked Carnatic music. there are some good singers like Gayathri. you have seen her portrait. but others are pain.

lovely pictures Ruth, picture of Don is straight out of National Geographic.

Rauf said...

Actually i would do that Ruth, i would stand up on the chair while the concert is on and turn to the crowd, and shout ..he is my son, he is my son.

Ruth said...

rauf, all of us have to compromise ourselves some of the time to live with other humans. If we were completely honest every minute, we would not survive, or we would become hermits. We put on nice faces, clothes, makeup, comb our hair, try to be presentable people in our appearance and our behavior to please people to the extent we can live with. Some more than others.

Out of kindness, I think, you are polite at concerts like that.

Out of politeness at Peter's concerts I restrain myself from rolling around on the ground like the kids. I want to jump and down, as you said, scream like a teenager, and say what incredible music this is!

photowannabe said...

A proud moment for you Ruth. I love the summer concert atmosphere and you captured it well in these photos.
Go ahead and jump around. After all he is your son.

Ruth said...

Ha, PW, thanks for the encouragement to jump. There's a concert in another town they do where I stand near the stage so I can get a better view. I really feel like a groupie then. But I still don't jump around. But at that one, there is the other generation of dancers: three of the elder generation who dance the whole concert!

Ginnie said...

One of these days, I want to be there with you and Don. Please, God, let there be a time. An outside concert would be distracting unless it's your son or nephew! So much to see. So many people to watch. But I would dance in the street and maybe you would dance with me. :)

Ruth said...

Ginnie-Boots, if you come, I will dance.

lesleyanne said...

i will dance too!
i'm hoping they have a gig while i'm there in august...?
thank you for posting these, i've been thinking about this show. they've been so busy lately. such a proud sis.

Ruth said...

On their myspace site it shows a private party at 6 on the 11th! I hope Pete doesn't have to leave Farm Day too early.

We need a dancing event soon, I think. Anyone getting married any time soon?

sex said...