Thursday, July 12, 2007

l'atelier, continued

I promised I would keep you updated on the progress in the studio. Don and Peter laid the framing joists yesterday for the wood floor. This was the hard part, getting it level. Don's level (which was my dad's first, and he had repaired it once before) broke in the process. Now it will be a relatively quick step to lay the 8" pine boards on the frame.

Don snapped this photo of Peter using the power screw gun on all the joist hangers. I think that was Pete's first time using a power tool, and he liked it, and did a good job.


Anonymous said...

Looking good! Will you paint the floor, stain it, or leave it bare?

Rauf said...

Wood is light coloured Ruth, that is fine. You have to spot insects creeping in. But i see gaps here.
the floor has to be leveled before fixing the frame, leaving no room for insects to live there.

so nice to see Peter giving a helping hand. Don seems to very good at any job.

Gorgeous studio Ruth, please leave it white. Soft and gentle light is beautiful, looks like my dream studio. i'll steal ideas from you when mine comes up. 2 floors are done but the top floor (only half, rest is terrace) will take another 3 months. i am going to call it
'the Royal Penthouse' Don ruth Lesley and Peter are invited and will get a red carpet welcome

Ruth said...

Heather, when it's installed, I will sand it, wipe it and "spar" it. Do you know that that is? It's just a tough varnish they use for boats. It will be the natural pine color, I won't stain it. Over time it ages into a beautiful golden tone. I hope to have a Sapphos gathering there in the fall!

Ruth said...

rauf, when Don and Peter are done, it should be completely sealed. Because there is such a large incline it needed to be leveled, and building this "deck" was the best way to handle it. When it is sealed up, it won't allow bugs in, I hope!

Thank you for the invitation to the Royal Penthouse! I sincerely hope and believe we will visit you one day. I didn't know your house was going to be 3 floors! Do you get the third floor??

Rauf said...

No Ruth, its ground floor , first floor, and half second floor where i'll stay. 'penthouse' is a joke. I live in a lower middle class neighbourhood. We have some very good neighbours, i need not introduce you to them, they'll come and introduce themselves and will ask you all sorts of questions. why your hair is gold do you eat gold ? does it rain in your country ? do you go to Church ?

Ruth said...

rauf, we joke about "penthouse" too. We had a 3rd floor in our last house, and we called it the same, and Peter lived there for a while. Very nice light. But the hottest part of the house. Be glad you will live on the lower floors.

People in Turkey always asked very personal questions too. I'm used to it.

Peter said...

Hey that's not my first time using a power tool...I am 24 after all! But it was my first time using a power tool and getting a sore back in the process, I'm getting too old for this... ;)

Ruth said...

Peter, all those screws! Man, that must have taken a long time. And I see how you're bent over there, not nice on the back.

I'm sorry I didn't realize you'd played Tim the tool man before. There's just something about men and power tools. Well, and some women. I'm afraid my wrist would have given out.

Mrs. M. said...

That is funny! Peter--you da man! ;)
wow-you're 24?!! That means I'm old enough to have been your...babysitter. (Oh, wait, I was one weekend!!)

I remember when Garland did our deck, the most tasking part was leveling the dirt. It's looking great!

Ginnie said...

Ohhhhhh. This is so fun, Ruth. I love seeing this work in progress. Thank you, thank you. Will it be done by Farm Day? I can just see you with your Sapphos group there. So idyllic.

Ruth said...

Mrs. M., maybe Peter will live to be another Garland one day. It sure is nice having someone close by who can repair things. I would be SO LOST on my own. Aunt Boots would figure it out and do it herself. But I'm afraid I'm a lost cause. Although I can wield duct tape with the best of 'em.

Ruth said...

Ginnie-Boots, I think Don will have it done by next week. Then I'm in Ireland for two weeks, and I'm sure it will be done by then. I had promised to sand and spar it, so I can do that the week leading up to Farm Day - if Don hasn't gotten to it first!

I know, I can't wait to invite my Sapphos. Yay!

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