Tuesday, July 31, 2007

General Post Office

I know I'm posting a lot, but it's a good way for me to journal during this program. Don't feel bad if you can't keep up with me and comment. This is what I need to do for myself. But I do hope you'll enjoy the visit.

I had to mail some postcards today, so I thought there would be no better place to mail them than in the General Post Office in Dublin, where the leaders of the Easter uprising of 1916 had their headquarters.

The uprising was defeated and its leaders arrested and executed. But less than three years later, in 1919, survivors of the Rising convened and established the Irish Republic.

I added this photo today so you could see the bullet holes in the column in front of the GPO.

An original copy of the Proclamation of independence is on permanent display inside. You can read the proclamation here.

In 2005 the Irish government decided to go ahead with a plan to move postal services elsewhere and preserve this building as a commemoration to the Easter Uprising.

Today I also saw an exhibit of William Butler Yeats at the National Library. His handwritten copy of the poem “Easter 1916” was not there in the case where it should have been by this plaque.

“Too long a sacrifice
Can make a stone of the heart.
O when may it suffice?”

Here you can read the whole poem.

This is an inspiring place. And tomorrow we go to Tara again!


Don m said...

Nice shots! Dod you happen to see any of the bullet holes they ;eft as a reminder?

Looking forward to seeing you!


Ruth said...

Don, I was angry with myself because I didn't think of it before I left the GPO. Then there was no time the rest of the evening, and I don't think I'd have time today. But I'll try. There are bullet holes on the columns in the front there.

I am ready to come home to you and the farm!!

Ginnie said...

Now that I know you're posting here, Ruth, I am loving your journaling for YOU. It is also for me and the rest of us who are thinking of you every day.

I'm quite sure you're ready to go back home...but eat up all these opportunities now while you have them. Don will be waiting with open arms...and the rest of us in a week!

Rauf said...

You are not just writing for yourself Ruth, but you are educating us and i am getting a free tour of Ireland without having a passport.

We have a GPO here avery good red building, old style, i think i should take a picture of it before a new structure comes up after tearing the old one down.

The new generation of Ireland are perhaps looking ahead and not looking back as their fathers and forefathers did. But like Indians they also should remember all the sacrifices of their ancestors to make Ireland free, well almost.

Ruth said...

Ginnie/Boots, I am ready for home, it's been so hectic, with a sense of urgency, until today. Today was a cleansing day, and I feel content at last. All feels right, all is well.

Ruth said...

rauf, I hope you will take a picture of your GPO. Red is such a good color, and buildings especially are nice in it, and especially official buildings.

Yes, a commemorative building for the sacrifices of those men and women would help the young people keep their perspective balanced.

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