Sunday, May 06, 2007

Old Apple Tree

The spot on our 5 acres where we have found the most Morel Mushrooms this year and last, is by this Old Apple Tree, mostly on the sunny/south side, hidden among the fallen leaves and weeds.

There are many theories on where best to find Morels, and one of them is in an old apple orchard.

When I search the ground around this Tree, she creaks and groans. She is half dead, poor thing, and this crack gets a wee bit bigger every breezy day. In fact, I sometimes fear I might die with her when she creaks especially loudly and I'm on her leaning side.

There have been Racoon babies nesting in the hole at the top of the running crack.

You can see below that she still leafs and flowers in her old age, but only in part.

I wonder what this chicken wire was for. Back in our farm's working days, the area around Old Apple Tree seems to have been a pasture. Maybe this was part of a fence.

Thank you, Dear Old Sister, for the fruit you gave before our time, for the Morels we have found at your feet, for your shade, for sheltering Racoon mama's young ones. And when you fall, I hope I am nearby to hear you, but please, don't take me with you!


Rauf said...

This tree has been silently doing its job Ruth. i wonder what this tree has seen and observed over the passing years. if no one is around i talk to the trees, i already have a bad reputation.

Here comes a soul who is going to care about me, ah she's taking a picture, oh my god ! i am so old and wrinkled and not even dressed properly.

Your choice of subjects are always very delightful Ruth. Please take one more picture on a cloudy day. perhaps you were carried away by the warm sunshine and blue sky.

By the way i saw your olympus on Ginnie's page. its a beautiful camera.

Rauf said...

Ruth, inspired by your pictures here i have possted a few in Blunt Knife

Ruth said...

rauf, good, I will check out Blunt Knife. Thank you for telling me.

Yes, these are not good photos. Too many shadows. Yes, it was warm and lovely, but also, I was a bit worried that Old Apple Tree would fall down any minute, and so I wanted to get photos quickly. I will do as you requested and get some in less harsh light. :)

Thank you, I like my little Olympus too. I'm pretty sure the next camera I get will be larger, and I will probably miss the small size of this one.

Ginnie said...

This entire post is a Poem, Ruth, and a Tribute. It actually has brought tears to my eyes. It's so beautiful!

Ruth said...

Thank you, Boots! :)

Anonymous said...

Great post about this old apple tree. Love the little racoon in there, even though they eat chicken eggs and are generally destructive.

Have a lovely day.

Rachel said...

It's funny, or sad, that whenever I hear poems about trees, or see movies about them, I get very reverent and tear up myself when I think of their silent patience and wisdom, knowing many eventually are forced to their demise. Yet, I do not tear up at the thought of opening my wooden cupboard door or sitting on my wooden stools. It's odd how detached we become when it's not in tree form.

Ruth said...

Heather, I don't like racoons much. But this little guy was cute, and Don took his pic.

Rachel, I know. I don't think about all of it that way either.