Friday, May 04, 2007

The Band

Aren't they wonderful?

This is my son's band. He's the one on the far right, the guitarist.

They are in the final stages of recording their second CD. And when they release it, they also want to announce their new band name, which they haven't chosen yet!

When they recorded their first CD, it was just Peter and Brian, and their band name is their two last names. Brian is second from the right, in front of Pete, and is the singer.

But then Mark and Mike joined them for a full band. Mark is behind, he's the drummer. Then on the left is Mike, the bass player. They rock!

Soooo, they need a new name. Any suggestions?

A couple they've been throwing around are:

* The Breakup Club - I like this one, because a lot of their songs are heartbreak songs.
* Fisher King - This is cool too.

You can listen to them here, and then come up with suggestions! If you want to leave a comment on my blog here, or on their web site, go for it! :)

Keep in mind that this is their older stuff, with just the two guys. Their new CD is more rock and roll.


Rauf said...

you don't have to tell me where is Peter here in this picture Ruth.

Band wagon
accoustic wagon
four wheel wagon ?

twilight riders
crimson streaks
silver strokes

I'll think of some more Ruth

Ginnie said...

LOL to Rauf!!!

BTW, the song that played when I clicked on your link was "Circles." It was my first time to hear it. WOW.

This is one cool pic of them and I can hardly wait to see/hear their new CD. I just wish I could be more creative with names! I'm sure it'll grow on us, whichever one they pick.

You can be one proud Mama, Ruth! :)

Rauf said...

Just beautiful Ruth, heard 'Circles' still hearing it on my headphones, simply beautiful and so soft it is

Reminds me of a singer called Steve Forbert.

Donica said...

Great shot of the band Ruth! As you know, I like the old sound and the new sound....just want to hear more of the new sound SOON......playing on a radio near all of us!

As for suggestions from me. Hopefully they will find something that is "snappy" (the way the marketing guys guys at work describe something that sticks in your mind) and they find a some good marketing support!

I believe they have considerable talent...just need to hit a marketing break and then we will see them everywhere!!

Ruth said...

rauf, :D

Band wagon - this is a good one, never thought of this for a band name before.
accoustic wagon
four wheel wagon ? - how about covered wagon! :)

twilight riders
crimson streaks
silver strokes - these three sound like a band you and I would be in . . . a little bit older :)

Yes, I like the song "Circles" too. The new CD will stun you with its different sound. I will send you a copy when it comes out.

Ruth said...

Ginnie and Donica, you and me both! They have worked so hard and long on this, and the sound shows it. Whatever name they choose, it will be a good CD.

And yes, I am proud. Most of all I am proud of the people Peter and Lesley are. They are authentic, caring, and creative. Don and I pretty much got out of the way!

Rachel said...

The Tumtums