Monday, April 23, 2007


I don't know what street this is on, but it pretty well represents my time in NYC on the weekend with Lesley, Bootsie (Ginnie) and Donica. The point being that most of the time I had no idea where I was, but I was happily loving the ones I was with, and being loved by them! Thanks for snapping this one, Donica! (I feel sorry for that woman whose head I'm sitting on. And Bootsie must have been spying another photo op. :)

Lesley at Rockefeller Center

Happy Birthday to my darling daughter! You're surrounded by love! Woe is me, I didn't want to leave you today.

Showing us her office building

Carry on, my sisters, and look well after our little NY girl the rest of the week.


Rauf said...

I was expecting a post on NY and here it is.

Ruth, did you have an ice cream sitting inside E ? Good space for 3 there, should be very comfortable.

The Child never leaves us Ruth. Believe me , there are lot of expectations of me, people expect me to talk only sense. i really hate to be serious.
People are always disappointed with me. A thing like LOVE would have attracted a lot of grafitti in India, names of young lovers scratched. they would have taken the trouble of climbing on to L, just to write the name of their loved one. i was very religious once, thorough with scriptures and Islamic history, that is why the fundamantalists avoid arguing with me. i even used to lead prayers, at 18 i was a family priest of many. Went to a shrine at Kollam, on a lovely beach 40 KMs from the city, picked up Khurr-aan to recite. Two names written in pencil on the first page attracted my attention. A male and a female name, they had donated this copy of Khurr-aan to the shrine. childish handwriting. i was angry with the bad handwriting. Must be very young
two different handwritings both bad. written in Urdu, i write good calligraphy. Calligraphy pens are still my passion and i write pretty well. Again in a very bad handwriting some thing was scribbled under the names, had to look closer. it said, we love each other, ready to die for each other, our parents are against us, please pray for us. i cried and really prayed for them, poor things, and dedicated my two hours of khurr-aan recital for them.
i still get very angry when i see bad handwriting Ruth.

Rauf said...

i knew sweet Lesley is gorgeous Ruth, the only picture of her i had seen was when she was lying on a couch feeling sick, face partly covered with her arm, but could guess her beauty since i had seen pictures of handsome young lad Peter wearing torn jeans with a guitar in his hands. but never guessed Lesley is so stunningly beautiful. i think since the day Lesley left East Lansing, she has done lot of jogging in the central park ?

Since she is interested in set decoration some one is bound to pull her on to the broadway under the spotlights. i am not sure it is good for her. Would you support her if she wants to go under the lights Ruth ?

Now I am going straight to her blog

Ruth said...

rauf, you are such a delight. Imagining you as a young religious man in that experience is so interesting. Thank you for sharing it.

Yes, Lesley is beautiful, and if you met her you would know she is even more beautiful on the inside, although you can tell that from her written words.

You would be quite angry with me over my penmanship. It has gotten worse over the years. It's a good thing you can only see my typing.

My sister Ginnie does calligraphy very well. She is meticulous like you.

rachel said...

You said it well, Rauf. Lesley is the most colorful person I have ever met. The pictures you took of her are so soft and perfectly dreamy. That camera of yours is amazerizing- and the person taking the pictures really knows how to use it!

Ruth said...

Rachel, you're so good! Thank you for your nice comment about the Lesley photos. Hehe. When I was at the NY airport I picked up a photography mag, and there was an article about this PhotoShop method of softening up a photo that needs some help. So I tried it, and you see how nicely they turned out. :D So it's not my camera or my photo skills, but the help of someone who went before me and showed me the way with post processing. I like them too.

Rauf said...

Hi Rachel, how You've been ? Enjoying the sun ?

Ginnie said...

Oh, Ruth! We have had so much fun "taking care of" your precious girl. We had so much fun at "Wicked" last night and tonight we look forward to seeing where she lives in Queens.

Our days have ben totaly full. We'll need a vacation after this vacation is over. But's that's how it is, right? :)

I'm so glad you were here with us, even if for only 2 days. What a memory!

Ruth said...

I believe you'll need a vacation after this one, as worn out as I was after Sunday! :) But it was a good tired!

Lesley had such a blast last night, and I can't wait to hear the details.

rachel said...

I saw Wicked and LOVED it! Did you cry? I cried, it was so beautiful. Very nice photoshop trick! BTW, I started making a blog a couple of weeks ago, and it took forever to not even get one entry finished. What is your trick? Do you plan the order of which you will put your pictures in first? I just couldn't get things to line up in order. I thought I could add a picture and write text after it, then add another picture and type text after it, but all pictures kept going to the top of the entry. Ahhh!!! So maybe one who has gone before me can help:)

Ruth said...

Rachel, you should be able to click and drag the photos around after you load them. Occasionally I have not been able to do that, but that was a long time ago, and blogger seems to allow that now.

If you email me your snail mail address (, I'll photocopy the instructions for the softening process in PhotoShop!

Anonymous said...

Ruth, Lesley is a beautiful girl, but that's to be expected coming from attractive parents! You really are amazing with the camera. My photos suck, but I'll let Chris concentrate on the editing.

By the way, I bought a guitar this weekend and I'm going to start taking lessons! There's a music store here called Music Man and on weekends it seems to be totally run by pre-rocker boys in their late teens and early twenties. It's just my speed. :) The boy who'll be teaching me is named Andy and he has a blues band!

Ruth said...

Heather, thank you for the compliments, both for Lesley and for the photos. Lesley IS beautiful and wonderful, and I love having her for a daughter and friend. As for the photos, I'm trying, and I am also lucky to have PhotoShop.

How cool is that about your new guitar! Did Chris go with you to buy it? How did you pick it out? So many questions. I want to hear all about it. Too bad you don't live closer, or Peter could give you lessons.

So all those rocker boys will be fighting over you and falling in love with you. I can totally see you getting really good at this. It's going to be a whole new level of Heather!! :D All that music in your life will take on new meaning as you create it. Do you sing too?

photowannabe said...

Great shot of New York Art. i love it.

Ruth said...

Thanks, Sue!