Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Creativity in Frankfurt

Don and I went up north for the weekend and Sunday wandered from Manistee to Charlevoix. Thanks to my sister Nancy, we stayed in her condo on Portage Lake in Onekama and didn't have far to drive to see the quaint small towns in northwest Michigan.

In Frankfurt, near where my family spent two weeks in the summer when I was little, we found two centers of creativity. These shoe totem sculptures were growing up next to a sidewalk going into town.

The other was a place called Monumental Finds where someone builds these little play houses from found remnants.

I can see us building one of these out behind our barn, by the little woods around the pond. It would be fun for Farm Day, and just for sitting out there on a Sunday morning with coffee, or on a Saturday evening with friends.


Ginnie said...

Awww, Ruth. That is such a cool idea, about building a playhouse out back behind the barn. The kids (big and small) would love that. And what a photo op! I can see your wheels turning. :)

Ruth said...

dThis has captured Don's imagination, Boots. We already have some old doors in the barn, and pieces of lumber. It will be fun to find objects at yard sales, etc. for embellishing. These places had croquet mallet handles, wooden blocks, all sorts of little items as trims. There's no end to the possibilities. :) And it would be fun to have the kids help paint it at Farm Day, eh? (Big kids too)

thehealingroom said...

Oh! I love these buildings.
I want one too!
I have already collected alot of "stuff" just right for this sort of thing.

Ruth said...

Jennie, I think one would look great with all your yard rocks!

Rauf said...

xuqrapFranfurt in Michigan is news to me Ruth. Fabulous structures. They don't look like they have been buit to last, but they have served their purpose, very heart warming and pleasing to the eye. Yes it would be a wonderful idea to build one of those, perhaps with some bio degradable material, without any use of chemical paints. Peter and Lesley's children would love it. They both are still children though.

Rauf said...

Ruth, the word verification I typed simply disappeared and Now i find it in the beginning of my comment, lost and found

Ruth said...

Rauf, good idea to use biodegradable paint.

lesleyanne said...

these playhouses are even more gorgeous than i imagined!! i was picturing something a bit more shabby-chic, houses sort of pieced together using the found objects, as opposed to these amazing finished pieces! i absolutely love it. maybe i can make it back to Michigan sometime this summer and help a little with the project.
so many beauties in Michigan! i miss it.

Ruth said...

Lesley, that would be a dream! Dad just got a slew of windows at the farm auction for $5. We hope to use at least some of them for this project.