Monday, March 19, 2007

Jackson's Michigan Theater

I drove 35 minutes yesterday to snap pictures in Jackson. Would you believe I've never been to Jackson that I can recall?

I just walked Michigan Avenue a few blocks. It was cold.

As I was walking by the Michigan Theater on Mechanic St., a nice man stepped out and invited me to come in and take pictures inside. They were setting up for the play "Issues" last evening. I didn't get good photos of the setup because of poor lighting. But I sure enjoyed seeing this 75-year-old theater that's being refurbished.

As this web site says, "The Michigan Theatre, the last and largest theatre built in downtown Jackson, opened April 30, 1930. It was built for the mainstream popular entertainment of the day -- vaudeville and movies. For just pennies, the public was treated like royalty as it passed under a glittering marquee into a Hollywood fantasyland. The building's exotic Spanish style, lavish interior plasterwork, ornate polychrome terra cotta facade, carved walnut furniture, plush wool carpeting, heavy damask draperies, stained glass light fixtures, and oil paintings entertained the patrons as much as the attractions on the stage and screens. It was the first air conditioned building in downtown Jackson and offered a place to escape the summer heat."


Ginnie said...

I love finding these treasures, Ruth! I think it's really grand that you actually go off seeking to learn about these special places that are not far from your doorstep. Then we all get the benefit of your text and lovely pics!

Ruth said...

Boots, I have so much fun on my Sunday outings. (or Friday or Saturday, or whenever). It's nice that spring is on its way and MI will open up like a flower for me!

Rauf said...

Theatre is nearly dead in India Ruth, Standards of those remaining have come down. Ford foundation has been helping some theatres to stay alive in India. This was some 20 years ago, don't know if they continue to get help from the foundation.

Pictures are still good Ruth. Your Olympus can handle it. Please think of upgrading before leaving for Ireland but without giving up Olympus. I would suggest a Cannon 350D. I am suggesting this because newer models like Cannon 400D have been introduced. So you can get a good discount on the previous model 350D. Another advantage is, this takes old EOS lenses. You could get EOS 75-300 (film camera lens) at throw away price. This model takes low light condition very well. Otherwise your Olympus is always a winner in good light.

Rauf said...

Forgot Ruth, this 75-300 EOS film camera lens becomes little more than 450mm on a digital. Multiply by 1.5 It is one of the most beautiful lenses I have ever used. You'd love it. The standard lens which comes with the camera is 18-55mm digital, its like 35-105mm film camera lens.

Ruth said...

Rauf, I really appreciate your recommendations for camera and lenses. I will look into them soon. I hope I can do as you suggest before Ireland. We shall see.

photowannabe said...

Great pictures and its so much fun to find treasures because we look at things with different eyes.

Ruth said...

Photowannabe, it's true what you say. I grew up in Michigan and had never been to Jackson before this visit that I recall.