Friday, March 09, 2007

Into the Irish Hills

Thanks to Ingrid and her man's recommendations, I drove about an hour into the Irish Hills area on my day off today, to explore some places I've never seen.

In spite of a cold and a sore throat, I enjoyed the leisurely trip and stopped on Route 52 to snap some interesting scenes along the way.

My first destination was Hidden Lake Gardens, just outside Tipton, owned and operated by MSU. The air is starting to warm up, so not once did I shiver as I wandered a bit around the pond, and in the conservatory. This swan took a nap on the ice for a while.

The amaryllis are in bloom, and they dominated one of the conservatory rooms.

After the gardens, I drove a few minutes down the road to Tecumseh for lunch at the British Pantry and Tea Room Café. I drank jasmine tea,

ate lobster bisque soup, a beef pasty and profiteroles for dessert.

They're filled with English cream. I couldn't finish all that and brought LOTS home to Don. I'm serious.

After that delicious and satisfying lunch I drove another short drive to McCourtie Park in Somerset Center. William H. L. McCourtie turned his estate into this park.

There are seventeen of these bridges -- each a different design - which look like they're made of wooden logs, but they're all made of cement. The detail on each one is amazing and even more impressive in person.

This purple martin house is gigantic (and made of wood, not cement) and can hold up to 200 birds! Didn't see any. I did see a crane flying low but couldn't keep him in my frame.

The only thing that would have made this day better would have been to share it. Next time I'll take Don with me. Or you?


photowannabe said...

Please take me, I want to see the place through your eyes. Beautiful shots.

Ruth said...

Photowannabe, OK! Thank you.

Ginnie said...

Oh how I wish I were close enough to go with you on these excursions, Ruth. It could break my heart if I dwelled on it too long. Family is NOT meant to be this far apart. How did we (all of us) ever allow this to happen--separation because of high mobility!


But it's clear you did just fine without me/us! :) You had a spectacular day, I can tell.

Heather said...

Irish Hills is a beautiful area. The amaryllis is truly stunning. Keep up the great photos.

Ingrid said...

Thank you for the beautiful photos (especially the martin house). Hidden Lake Gardens is a treat at every season. I hope your cold is better.

Ruth said...

Boots, I wish you could be close by too. Wouldn't we have some fun outings! I did have a nice day, but I wish I could have shared it.

Ruth said...

Thanks, Heather! I hope you're surviving your busy schedule!

Ruth said...

Ingrid, thanks to you I've discovered this place. I look forward to visiting in all seasons.

My cold is better now, thank you, but I feel as if I'm coming out of a cloud . . .