Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I need your help

First, I was so moved by Nathalie's reference to my last post at her blog and to all the visitors who were touched by Robert Busby's story. It truly shows that what we do has an impact. Many thanks to Nathalie, and to all of you.

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This is a short work week for me, since it is spring break for our students, and I played hookie Monday and will again Friday.

I had an adventure at Lake Michigan Monday in the ice and snow (visit my Flying photoblog for the particulars).

Now I need help planning another outing Friday. Any ideas?


- No more than 3 hours drive
- Photographic opportunities
- No beaches, please (whew!)


photowannabe said...

Sorry I can't give any suggestions but I love the way the wind is blowing off the top of the snow bank in your post today.

Anonymous said...

How about Hidden Lake Gardens near Tipton, MI?

Expat Traveler said...

I'm not aware of the area but find a great lake (think birds or animals) and go to that. If it's still as snowy as your other pics, there should be some great shots.

Otherwise, maybe some sort of animal/zoo visit would be great?

That's what i love doing on my days off.

lesleyanne said...

so that pretty much rules out Chi-town. hmm...maybe Columbus, Ohio? it's a tad bit more than a 3 hour drive, but it has a great art and design school, a might be pretty cool! i was going to go there before i moved to NY to visit an art museum.

lesleyanne said...

by the that photo from the beach yesterday? it almost looks like your backyard! i love it.

Anonymous said...

You could follow the Hidden Lake Gardens excursion with a visit to the British Pantry in Tecumseh for tea!

Ruth said...

Thanks, photowannabe!

Ruth said...

anonymous (who are you?), I like this idea! In fact, I think I'll go to HLG and also to Cranbrook, which I've been meaning to do for some time. And if that's also you in the second anon. comment, thanks for the tip on the British tea room too! Sounds like a perfect outing.

Ruth said...

ET, that'a a great idea about the zoo. Maybe I'll see some animals at Hidden Lake. I've never been there, so I don't know what to expect. I also think it's supposed to warm up a tad by Friday, which is a plus.

Ruth said...

Les, yes, that's a photo at Hoffmaster State Park, the dune at the top of the lookout (lots and lots of stairs . . .).

Maybe I'll check out the Columbus stuff this spring. It definitely sounds like a good place to check out. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Ruth - Have you ever visited McCourtie Park just west of M127 on US12? It's a park filled with cement sculptures and bridges. It would be gorgeous in the snow and would fit in nicely with a day outing at Hidden Lake Gardens and Tecumseh.

Here's a link: Park on US12

Ruth said...

Anon, no I haven't, and it sounds great. I so much appreciate the recommendation. The URL was a dead end, but I'll google the park.

Please tell me who you are?

Anonymous said...

Ruth - I'm happy you appreciated the ideas for your outing. I'm the proud recipient of a matrushka pin from your "osage orange" question last year on the East Lansing blog. I continue to relish your photographs daily.

Ruth said...

Ingrid, Yay! I'm so glad it's you! Thank you for identifying yourself. You know where I live, so your recommendations are perfect. I came down with a cold yesterday, stayed home from work yesterday and today, and I hope I'll feel well enough for an outing tomorrow. But the places you suggested are close enough that I could be gone half a day and not overdo. Plus it's warming up outside! Isn't it glorious?

Anonymous said...


(From: Ingrid's resident IT slave).

The McCourtie Park link works if you copy & paste only to an '.htm' ending. Google has several links also.

Cement baron McCourtie's Mexican artisans sculptured 17 bridges and trees from concrete on this former estate during the 1930s. Area cemeteries (Hudson, MI has one)have many 'head-stone' examples of this art probably comissioned to the same artist/workers. Please also post a photo of the mamoth Martin House on the grounds.

Ruth said...

Dear Ingrid and her IT slave, that Michigan backroads site is a great find. Thank you! Now that I see photos of McCourtie Park, it does sound familiar, although I'm certain I've never been there.

Thanks to you, I am looking forward to a pleasant outing tomorrow to Hidden Lake Gardens, Tecumseh for lunch and McCourtie Park. You two really get around, and now I know whom to ask in the future.

Ginnie said...

What a great idea to have asked for suggestions, Ruth. You surely got some great ones!

I LOVE the pic!!!

Ruth said...

Thanks, Boots!