Thursday, January 11, 2007

At the lake

We were at the lake New Year's weekend with my family, as many as could come from around the country. These two views of the lake were taken the same day, at different times. The top photo is from the morning stillness. The bottom photo is from the evening stillness. Dee Dee suddenly looked outside and saw the blue, bringing it to our attention (us with cameras). So Todd, Mark and I hurried out to take advantage of the blue light.

The cottage has my favorite things in nature: water and trees.

Above, the tree that fell eons ago (was I in 5th grade?) has become a "gondola branch," reshapen over the water over the years.

Below, this birch has grown up and become a lovely lady on our waterfront lawn.


Ginnie said...

Birds of a feather, Ruth! I think all of us photographers took pics of that "gondola" tree this year. But I really like your crop of the birch, which is unique. Remember how Mom used to name the trees? I wonder what she called the birch?

Rauf said...

If you think of writing a book Ruth, this seems to be an ideal place.