Thursday, October 26, 2006

Sky pink

This is literally what the sky looked like for about 3 minutes while I was getting ready for work yesterday. Quick, grab the tripod and camera, screw the camera onto the tripod while running out the door and try not to slip on the frosty deck, throw glasses on, run down hill past electric lines, set up tripod, zoom in. It was gone 2 minutes later.

BTW, those are trees, not weeds, silhouetted, the last of the leaves hanging onto the top branches.

Speaking of pink skies, here is part of a poem called "North Woods" by
John Tranter. Read the whole (long) poem here.

The imagination babbles forever,
the kitchen light in the cabin always
glowing in the fog ahead where frail ghosts
glimmered, like a gin ad in the ancient forest
then her remedy rattles down from the shelf, the sun
spoking through the lonesome pines and she becomes
as we prayed she would - full of zip,
the sky pink and happy.


Rauf said...

I think its 'mounting the camera on the tripod' you know better Ruth, I have absolutely no command over the language. pretty foreign to me.

Its a stunning picture. There is a little amout of luck behind every great picture Ruth, It takes tem minutes for me to search for the camera. I am very clumsy messy and i have never been studious.

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Ruth said...

Rauf, LOL! Yes, "mounting the camera on the tripod" is a bit more professional-sounding! Thank you. :D

Wow, what word will you have next for word verification!? This is cool!

Heather said...

That photo is amazing. I love it when the sky gets all weird and pink.

Ginnie said...

To find a poem that goes with the pic--brilliant! It's so amazing, Ruth, that you went through all the "trouble" for this, but just think of the alternative, right?!

Ruth said...

Heather, it is cool that when this happens to the sky we can't help but stop and look at it.

Ginnie, you know how it is, right?

Amy said...

This is an AMAZING, almost unreal, photo! Thanks for taking the time to capture those brief moments and share it with those of us who have never seen anything quite like it!

thehealingroom said...

Well, I certainly appreciate all the trouble you went through.
I am surrounded by trees and I don't see to many sunrises or sunsets. I know they are out there somewhere.
Rauf, I am going to start paying more attention to the word verification. I seem to recall only incomprehensible ones.

Peter said...

There is a plant of some kind in every picture currently posted on the main page...coincidence?

Ruth said...

Amy, you're welcome, and thanks.

THR, you are surrounded by trees: how wonderful.

Peter, thanks for noticing that. While I didn't intend it, I don't think it's a coincidence.

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