Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Leaves of gold

For the Laika, there is nothing more important than being true to one's word, so they're very careful about what they say to themselves and others. They believe that to utter a single negative syllable to someone is to cast a curse, and that to say something positive is to give a blessing.


Ginnie said...

We have so much to learn from the Earthkeepers who preceeded us!

thehealingroom said...

Hmmm, I love this quote,
I think I will take a second look at this book.
Thanks Ruth.

Ruth said...

THR, your comment seems to reflect how I first felt when I saw this book in the One Spirit book club -- I wasn't interested from the title. Then I got it by accident! I had ordered several books (in the intro offer), but not this one, but one of them wasn't available, and this was sent in its place. Now I'm very glad. It has some very powerful guidance for me to take the ego constructs lessons from A New Earth into new practice. Of course there are no coincidences (me getting the book that I needed).

Tanushree said...

lovely pics..
and being true to urself is the gretest thing in life...
because unless and untill you are not true to urself you cant be true to anyone..

Heather said...

This is good advice for me. I need to be more careful about what I say to myself and others.

Ruth said...

Tanushree, it's just so basic!

Heather, for me too.

Rauf said...

sailed over my head Ruth, perhaps I did not try hard enough to understand

the letters given for verification are

Ruth said...

Rauf,I think it's saying that these people believed that everything you say has an effect. The negative things are a curse, the positve are a blessing.

I love that word verification! So nice.

sex said...