Monday, October 02, 2006

Autumn rust

Click on photos to enlarge.

Don and I found rusted pieces of farm equipment in corners of the barn hanging from nails here and there. Old horseshoes, a gear, hooks of various sizes and shapes.

The purpose is to make a windchime. The JorgDotOrg photo hunt starting tomorrow is "windchime," and we don't have one. So I started brainstorming what I could make one from.

I wrote a poem about it for my poetry group tonight:

Autumn sounds

Small pieces of
rusted farm metal
that once lay nested in corners
or hung on nails
these hundred years

gears and rings,
hooks that look like hairpins
or the number six, discarded
horseshoes, one
with three nails fused in the holes

the color of the fallen
leaves softly curled and pinned
beneath them on the deck

where they are
lined up to be assembled
for a new purpose

a windchime

the dong, pling and thrum
that will continue the vibrations
the horse’s stomp, the plow’s
jab, the fluid swing
of rope and pulley,
and the clutch and release
of the farmer’s thick fingers
that labored
to his blood’s beat.

- Ruth M.


Ginnie said...

I love how these photo challenges excite your enthusiasm for photos and in prose. Well done, dear sister!

Anonymous said...

Hey there! I was JUST thinking to myself, woe is me, I won't get a comment from Ginnie any time soon. :D You must be -- where?? -- right about now?

Thank you for your sweet comment.

Ruth said...

Oops, I hit a key that entered that comment before I signed . . .it's mine. :)

Rauf said...

You have the command and you have the imagination Ruth

Rauf said...

That comment went through in one attempt Ruth

Ginnie said...

Oh yes, Ruth! In spare minutes here and there, I'm trying to keep up with the special few!

Ruth said...

Thank you, Rauf!

Ginnie, it's great to have you even briefly in touch!

Heather said...

Ruth, those photos are stunning! I can imagine them being published alongside the poem. Wouldn't that make a cool project?

Ruth said...

Heather, thank you! Yes, I thought it would be cool to have a poetry/photog bloggie thing.

I knew you would like the metal! :D

rachel said...

beautiful poem!

Ruth said...

Thank you, Rachel. I will be revising it after workshopping it at Sapphos (my poetry group). It will be better.

Patty said...

Beautiful, Ruth! the shapes and textures in the images are amazing! you captured them wonderfully! especially like the leaves and other rusty parts on the edges of the photos.

Ruth said...

Thank you, Patty!

sex said...