Thursday, September 28, 2006

New Paris post

Please visit Paris Deconstructed for a photo gallery of Rouge de Paris (red in Paris).


Ginnie said...

How fun. (I really like it when you tell us here to go there :)

Heather said...

Way cool red goodness!

Ruth said...

Ginnie, well I like it when you go there. :)

Heather, thanks!

Patty said...

That photo is great! The trees, the tall buildings and the looming stormy sky overhead. I want to visit that apartment that has the red curtains! :) I will visit/comment on the other site when I can.

How many times have you been to Paris?

I have checked out your Paris blog and I've seen many of the latest posts, but a couple days ago I started reading from the very beginning and got through 2 posts, but I had to stop as I was busy with school. I will continue reading all the way through when I have free time or during holidays. I very much liked reading-it was very interesting!!!

Ruth said...

Patty! Wow, that's so cool that you're reading the Paris blog from the beginning! I went to Paris first in college for just 3 days (that was 1975), and it didn't mean much to me then. The next time was 1997. I think I've been 5 times, including 1997. The last time was in May this year, when I took most of the photos on the blog. But the early blog posts my sister and her partner allowed me to use their photos, since I went with them twice! Paris came at a time in my life that made its impact on me symbolic and psychological. That's part of why it's an important place to me.