Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Something oversized: DO NOT PASS

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This is my submission for the weekly Brookston photo scavenger hunt. This week's theme is "something oversized."

Nothing like getting stuck behind a big farm machine like this to make you slow down and look at the wheat and corn growing! There's no room to pass.

DO NOT PASS, ha! Like I could!

(But really, I don't want to. I LOVE following these things.)


rachel said...

Isn't it nice when someone putzes along and you have no choice but to slow down and smell the roses! Too bad the other drivers on the road didn't figure this out! They slam it into gear and roar past, swirving in front of the slow poke, just barely missing their fender so as to issue some type of fear inducing vengeance. We have soooo many big trucks out here that like to sit right on your tail pipe, when there are usually two other free lanes they could be driving in. So much aggression on the roads, nice to hear someone else who likes to take their time and enjoy the journey, the present moment, instead of focusing only on the future and getting there. By the way, The Peaceful Warrier is out in the theater down the street from us. Is it playing anywhere near you? Great movie- have you read the book? Excellent read and see!

Ruth said...

Rachel, people DO pass the big farm equipment, even though they have to go into the ditch to do it. I hope I'm never in that much of a hurry! I'm glad that you too like to take the opportunity to slow down. :)

I haven't heard about The Peaceful Warrior, but now I'll check out the book and the movie. Thank you for the recommendation!

Ginnie said...

Awww. Just the thought of slowing down is calming to me. Thanks for this :)

Ruth said...

And you're retired, Ginnie! I really do think we've (our culture) got the pace all wrong. It just takes constant monitoring.

rachel said...

Benjamin Franklin advised early Americans not to waste any time, and so we developed contraptions to save time; our workloads have quadrupled to keep up with those machines, not to mention to pay for them!

Ruth said...

Rach, right! We want to save time, but to do what? Watch TV? If we focus on what we're doing, whatever it is, it's all one. There isn't "work" and "play." It's all what we're supposed to be doing right now, not: let me get this done so I can go play, or let me get around this darn farm plow so I can get home 5 minutes sooner.

Mei Shile said...

Same as Ginnie. We're compelled to slow down and take our time.

Mrs. M. said...

what's that phrase...the tyranny of the urgent?

when nathan came down to visit a few months ago he left a message on our fridge with those little word magnets:

"we are be-ings not do-ings"

Rauf said...

Being used to such pace you may find that things in India don't move at all. You'll find two extremes here Ruth. Its such a contradiction everywhere.

'sorry I can't help you if you are in a hurry' this is what I always said and I am still struggling

Ruth said...

It amazes me how many things seem to be urgent, but when we stop and really think about it, does it really matter? It all waits and sits there, and it either gets done, or it doesn't.

I like Nathan's and Rauf's sayings very much.

Dreamwalker said...

If your photos are anything to go by you live in a really beautiful part of world, driving slowly and looking around has to be a pleasure :)

"There isn't "work" and "play." It's all what we're supposed to be doing right now..."

Well said. That is so true!! Life goes by way to fast not to try and savour every possible moment.

Life in NZ is lived at a much more leisurely pace than in the cities in South Africa. People actually seem to adhere to the speed limits over here - unheard of in SA.

Ruth said...

DW, It must make it easier to live in a culture where it is the norm to take life more slowly. Nice. I'm a little surprised about SA.

dreamwalker said...

" the cities in South Africa."

The smaller places are probably not bad at all. Johannesburg has to be one of the worst cities in the world to drive in, with some incredibly aggressive drivers. Cape Town is not as bad, but still pretty hairy.