Tuesday, May 16, 2006


me having a café crème at the restaurant where Catherine was also eating; a nice couple from India who live in Chicago offered to take my photo after I took theirs with their camera

Because my blog is "Synchronizing" I want to share this story.

I was reading James Redfield's The Celestine Vision last night before sleep (sleep? ha!). On p. 21 he writes "Another synchronicity . . . occurs when we repeatedly see someone we don't know within a short period of time. The odds against such occurrences are tremendous . . ." He goes on to say we should introduce ourselves if that happens. Perhaps there is an important reason we should meet.

So today, I was walking down the tiny rue Servandoni, an obscure, non-touristy street, and I saw a woman walking toward me who sat two tables from me at a restaurant on the Champs-Elysées yesterday, a long way from rue Servandoni. So, because of reading Redfield's suggestion, I introduced myself to her, Catherine from Toronto.

We chatted for a few minutes, two women on a week's vacation traveling alone. I liked her a lot.

I don't know why we were meant to meet, but that it happened right after reading about the occurrence makes me believe we were connected to something bigger than ourselves.

The rest of the day I've been wishing we had made plans to get together later in the week. We'll see, maybe the universe will arrange it.

A different take on this story at Paris Deconstructed.


Mei Shile said...

Rather strange, I also did something on synchronicity few days ago:
I don't know if you read it.

Mei Shile said...

OK, I see that Blogger didn't make any word wrap on the URLs. Both articles are still available from the front page: Synchronicity and The Robert L. Affair.

Ginnie said...

I just realized that I made a comment about this on your other blog yesterday but I'm wondering today if your paths will yet cross again! Truly amazing if so. Maybe if you "think it" she will come :)

Ruth said...

Mei, I read your story - - very strange. I made a comment on your blog.

Ruth said...

Ginnie, I expect to see Catherine everywhere now, but I didn't today. One more full day in Paris tomorrow, so I have another chance.

Rauf said...

beautiful post Ruth.
I never had any bad experiences meeting strangers, I have only pleasant memories. I am still in touch with some of them after 30 years. this was before I had a telephone. Actually I was lot happierwithout telephone, there was only face to face interaction.
but internet is amazing. unfortunately most of the strangers I meet during my travels don't know what a computer is.

Ruth said...

Rauf, I do love the internet for the wealth of information, which is more and more reliable, and now for blogging and meeting friends around the world, like you. But I'm afraid I am like many people who find it easier than face to face contact. Meeting Catherine was a new experience for me, to be bold enough to step out like that, and had she been a man, I would not have introduced myself. On this trip, more than any other(partly because I'm alone, I suppose) I am looking for human connections. I think my blogging friends are partly responsible: Ginnie and Rauf! Thank you to you both.

lesleyanne said...

i love this story.

and i agree with would be lovely and simple without telephones. but i wonder how i would feel if it was really taken away.

Ruth said...

I bet it wouldn't take long to get used to it . . .

jaykbee said...

Hi Ruth,
I love your blog--the poetry, prose and photography. Everything! I don't see a link to follow it though. Help?

Ruth said...

Jaykbee, I see you found it, great! Thank you for your kind words.