Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Café crème, again

Tea salon across from the Louvre

I'm going to miss these.


Ginnie said...

Oh how I know that feeling, except with my latte macchiatos! I can so picture you doing your thing in a place like that....

Rauf said...

You mean you don't get black coffee there ?
The coffee cup and the green pen are so alive that I felt like picking them up
Is that your writing Ruth ?

Ruth said...

Ginnie, such a "small" thing that means so much.

Rauf, "American" coffee is nice, black, weaker coffee, which is mostly what we get at home. We can get "espresso", the thicker European version, in various forms (capuccino, latte, etc.) as well, either at Starbucks (or other coffee shops) or if we're lucky enough to have an espresso machine at home. But I don't know anywhere around me (maybe they are served in NYC) where I can buy "cafe creme" like this.

Ruth said...

Oh, and Rauf, yes, that is my writing. As I look at it, I see there are misspellings. A mix of French and English, and neither correct.