Friday, March 31, 2006

Papa Sycamore

I posted about my love for sycamore trees January 28.

“I think now that the sycamore is my glimpse of God, of mystery. It is pale and
unearthly at times, its almost white branches hard to see against winter's snow.
As for Zaccheus, the tree provides me a view of the divine.”

I recently discovered a “new to me” sycamore on campus, near where I park. But Papa Sycamore is OLD. I wonder how old?

There are so many mysteries in this old being. I have only begun to see them.

Some branches resemble the fingers of King Kong's cupped hand (we just watched the new DVD with Peter) that held Ann Derrow gently, lovingly.

The bottom sides of the branches look as though they have been dripping for decades, and some have formed beautiful profiles of fairy beings looking out.

This tremendous hole looks like a mouth about to blow out something profound, and it has probably been home to many creatures.


Ginnie said...

Oh how I love the hole! It IS a mouth--THE mouth of the tree, trying to tell us something so very sage-like. What you see in this tree reminds me of trees I've seen in Germany that are like the LOTR Ents! Seriously. I'm guessing trees everywhere want to talk to us...if we would but listen!

Ingrid said...

I love trees. When growing up, I spent the majority of my time in the forests of the wetland behind our farm. So deep were the forests and this feeling of incredible time of old, that I knew to come from the trees.
I often wonder what trees have to tell us for I know if we listen, we will hear them. I would get this kind of feeling when being among the old growth forests with trees over 400 years old and the moss growing and hanging off the branches. The forest was indeed alive and the trees seem, at least to me, to hold the heartbeat and breath of the forest. For when a forest waa clear cut, I could feel no life and all of the other animals that have made it their home among the life giving trees had to flee.
I agree with you, Ginnie, about the LOTR with the trees like Ents. I need to go to Germany sometime and visit those forests.
My favorite tree is the oak. I don't really know why but there was an old oak that I frequently played around and could climb into to sit and even lay in. It was sadly cut down during a clear cut when my neighbors bought some property. I also think it is interesting that the Vikings in the Norse mythology use the oak for a symbol uniting the three worlds together. The Celtic understand the power of the trees too and there are good trees and bad trees. Very interesting.

Rachel said...

Wow, Ingrid, I had no idea. I agree about the wisdom of ages of trees. Somehow, they have witnessed more than we ever will in our lifetimes if they are allowed to complete their course. They are like grandparents living in our backyards waiting to spend time with us and share the secrets of the world.

That must have been devastating to have your tree friends destroyed. It drives me crazy to see things killed. "Slow down everyone your moving too fast," says Jack Johnson.

Mrs. M. said...

I have been trying to think all afternoon of the name of the cartoon where the trees talk and walk...I have this picture in my mind and yet the title eludes me! It's an older one...

Your photos remind me of that!

Ruth said...

Ginnie: The mouth is so expressive, I've never seen one quite like it. Inge keeps talking about the forest in Germany she grew up with, near where her sister lives and where they go running. I'm drawn to trees wherever I go.

Ingrid: There are many things trees say, I agree. One lesson is how they wait. Also, their strength and flexibility. The thought of cutting an old tree down to make way for a new house boggles my mind. Oaks are amazing. There is one on my drive to work that I want to photograph sometime. I call him Cosmo. I greet him every day, coming and going. He's so large his branches cross the entire road.

Rachel: Slow down, is right!

Mrs. M: I have no recollection of this cartoon! Let us know when you think of it. :)

Don said...

I often wonder about the connections I have with trees when I am using my chain saw and chopping up the dead ones that litter our little woods. I find that I sometimes talk to them and thank them for the heat we'll get and then feel a bit foolish. But then I carry on.

Ruth said...

Don, I think that's really cool.

Ginnie said...

I hope Don totally gets over feeling foolish talking to trees or anything living! I think saying "thank you" can never be said enough, ESP. to trees, so yes, Don, I too think that's "cool," as Ruth has said. It's a mindset that has the power to set the world free! Nicholas and I have several trees in our woods that we actually call our friends...and Nicholas will tell me he wants to go see them!