Monday, March 27, 2006

Winter aconite

I took this photo today in MSU's horticulture gardens, but these little alpine flowers came up through the snow in February. In the 1990s I wrote a haiku about winter aconite.

Faith is aconite
rising in February
warm in the snow bed.


Ginnie said...

Oh, Ruth. Little did you know then what you know now. Is Faith always warm?

Ruth said...

What do you think?

Ginnie said...

That's a good question, Ruth! I think it can often FEEL cold or nonexistent but the way you put it makes me wonder if for some people it's just hiding under snow and feels cold because only the snow is visible. For me personally, my faith has always been warm but I know I'm a bit "abnormal." :)

Ruth said...

I like the way you put that, that it may feel cold because it's hidden.

Ing said...

Ruth, my mom loved the haiku (I sent it to her with the German translation attached). She said it moved her.

See, now you're an internationally acclaimed poet!

Ruth said...


I need to meet Mi sometime (is that how you spell it?)

Ruth said...

Ing, I just realized we're talking about YOUR mom on MY mom's death anniversary!