Thursday, March 23, 2006

Adirondack "happy" chair

I call this "happy chair."

Don built it (that means he bought the boards, cut each piece using two different saws, routed the back piece, and assembled it), painted it white, and I designed and drew the sunflower. 4th graders in his classroom sanded the pieces before Don assembled the chair, and then painted the sunflower after I drew it, then I detailed it. It was a true team effort.

I'm reminded of when I was a girl in the "Happy Workers Club" along with my brother John, and neighbors Jimmie and Janet. I don't remember what projects we did together, except serving our parents lunch once in the clubroom in Jimmie's basement. Maybe we raked leaves for elderly neighbors. Back then I didn't know how important it is to love what you do and do what you love. But we had the right idea in that club. What is "work"? If you are filled with love, light, truth and beauty whatever you're doing, does it ever feel like work?

The chair will be sold in a silent auction at Family Fun Nite tomorrow at Don's school as a fund raiser, along with lots of other goodies. Don will also be MC, since our local newscaster had to cancel.

Any predictions of how much it will go for? I'll update this post after it sells.

Click here for a history of the Adirondack chair.

UPDATE: Happy Chair sold for $210! The mom who bought it has a sunflower collection. Yay!


Peter said...

Wow that looks awesome!! I can see that going for a nice chunk o' change.

Ginnie said...

I love how you and Don have made these chairs in the past and all the possibilities for how they can be painted or stained. Hopefully this one will go for a minimum of $25! But how can you put a price on a Happy Chair!

You have memories that sometimes totally shock me. Serving Mom and Dad lunch in the clubroom?! Oh my! That would definitely be a memory!

Ing said...

Nice segue from our conversation on Wednesday about doing it because we love it!

If I weren't already the proud owner of two original Mowry adirondack chairs, I'd have to come to the auction tomorrow!

This should go for a minimum of $100 and that would be a steal!

Ruth said...

Pete: I hope you're right!

Ginnie: Yes, isn't that funny, picturing Mom, Dad, Mrs. Elsie, and Rev. & Mrs. Jacobs in the Elsie basement while we served lunch. I wonder what we served??

Ing: We'll see!

Ginnie said...

$210! Cool beans!!! Way to go!

dreamwalker said...

I love your chair. I've always had a thing for sunflowers myself. $210 is an excellent price :)

Rachel said...

Wow! I bet the kids are soooo proud! That warms my heart:)

lesleyanne said...

i LOVE that you painted a sunflower! it turned out so nice, so so nice. now i want to paint one..that would be so fun. =)

Ruth said...

It's always fun to start a new project, eh, Les? :)