Monday, March 13, 2006

March madness

As much as I love men's college basketball (well, the MSU team that is), that's not what this is about. (Go Spartans, Friday against George Mason.)

It's the weather!

I know, I know, I live in Michigan. Why do we Michiganders keep talking about the crazy weather as if it's something new? It's kind of like a relative, a character in our story. Unpredictable, tempestuous at times, and we don't appreciate it enough when it's "cooperating."

Yesterday was glorious with sunshine in the mid-60s. Last night thunderstorms rattled the windows. Today it's in the high 60s, wind is racing clouds across the sky, we have a tornado watch, and tomorrow it's supposed to snow.

I love the four seasons, and you couldn't pay me to live in Florida (sorry, Mungers), as beautiful as it can be. These photos are the farm this morning before leaving for work, with remnants of last night’s storm.

I think this photo looks surreal. Is that really a reflection of the corn crib? Too bad my lens isn't big enough to get the roof and trees at the top, but maybe that helps with the surreal feel.

The barn.


Ginnie said...

I've been thinking about March Madness and MSU, Ruth, so I was surprised when this WASN'T about that. But it will be soon enough, I'm quite sure, esp. if MSU does as well as it normally does.

The weather everywhere has been all over the map, I do declare! Be safe. Stay warm. And enjoy that sun when he comes out to play again.

Ruth said...

Yes, I was quite interested by your post about weather as well.

Rachel said...

My Mom is visiting my Grandma Ruth in the U.P.- today is G'ma Ruth's birthday (Monday). My G'ma says it has been absolutely beautiful and sunshiney all March, until today, her birthday. The day she planned to go out on the town (Farwell- it has a post office and 2 bars). It's raining, sleeting, the wind is blowing like crazy and it's cold! So my Mom and G'ma are having coctails together in the middle of the woods, in the middle of a storm, listening to country music on the satellite! Sounds quaint:)

Ginnie said...

I had to LOL, Rachel, over your comment. Just picturing those 2 women doing that :)

And Ruth, I neglectled to mention that I LOVE the photos. Ohhhhhh. You are doing such a good job of touching my Soul every time you post!

dreamwalker said...

Love your photos. You do live in a beautiful place. Although we get a lot of rain in winter over here, the weather is seldom extreme. I miss the storms we used to get in Africa.

lesleyanne said...

i think what i'm looking forward to most about spring are [[besides graduating.heehee...]] the thunderstorms. i had forgotten how lovely it is to wake up to rumbling and rain on my windows.

i loooove these photos too. esp. the reflection in the first. so nice.

Mrs. M. said...

No sorry needed. I agree with you about Florida! My "salary" is knowing it was the right choice for the girls to stay during a difficult time.

I miss the seasons, and yes, Lesley, the thunderstorms especially!!

btw, Katy and I are doing a college trip next week in Chicago and Holland--opportunity came up at the last minute. Is the farm available for a visit either Sat. or Sunday? (25/26) Katy has never been out to the farm--I'm not sure ANY farm since she was 18 mo, now that I think about it! I don't think the county fair counts!! :)

Ruth said...

Rachel: Funny! (esp. the PO and 2 bars)

Ginnie: Thanks for the photo comment! Do you remember when we moved to CA, and you said how much you missed thunderstorms because they never have them in CA, and we had one THAT WEEK?? :)

DW: Thank you!

Les: Yay!

Mrs. M: Yes, of course! We'd love to have you!!

Ruth said...

Rachel: Your mom and your g'ma's story reminds me of a friend of ours, Greg. When he turned 40, he went out into the woods, naked, and thanked God he was as crazy at 40 as he was when he was born.

Also, I read on Paul's blog ( that there is a cool upcoming event for people to sleep outside to bring attention to the children in Uganda who have to go to a safe place at night to sleep. “For the more ‘spirited’ among you, there will be a Global Night Commute on April 29, 2006 in which people all across the United States will be meeting together and sleeping outside—check the website for where it’s happening in your town. This event is to honor of the children in Northern Uganda who commute into safe areas in the city every night out of fear they will be abducted by the rebel army. They are hoping this will raise awareness and cause U.S. policy-makers to take notice and effect change.

Rachel said...

Wow, that would be a neat sleep-over!
Keep us posted!

Gosh, I haven't done that in years! Does that mean I'm getting old?