Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy St. Patrick's Day

A verse from an old Irish ballad:
'Twas in the fourth century in this delightful country,
After St. Patrick's entry upon our fertile shore,
He raised this grand foundation, the wonder of our nation
That's held in veneration, and will till time's no more.
In fact it's only stated that he had consecrated,
St. Erin, then related to Tara's noble train.
And history does mention, he got St. Patrick's sanction,
To rule this holy mansion, that's on the hill of Slane.

Ruins at Hill of Slane

St. Patrick statue at Hill of Slane ruins

Celtic cross at Monasterboice cemetary

"There is a legend of how St. Patrick when preaching to some soon-to-be converted heathens was shown a sacred standing stone that was marked with a circle that was symbolic of the moon goddess. Patrick made the mark of a Latin cross through the circle and blessed the stone making the first Celtic Cross. This legend implies that the Saint was willing to make ideas and practices that were formerly Druid into Christian ideas and practices. This is consistent with the belief that he converted and ordained many Druids to lives as Christian priests." - Stephen Walker at


Amy said...

I love that first picture especially! Happy St. Patrick's Day, Ruth!

Ruth said...

Thanks, Amy! I hope you have a fun weekend.

Ginnie said...

Don't you just love that you were there in Ireland, Ruth, AND where you could see St. Patrick! So much history and so much of it here in our own melting-pot country! Thanks for your thoughts on this great day for so many.