Friday, March 17, 2006


In honor of green goodness, St. Patrick's Day aside, I wish my Spartans well tonight against George Mason! I'm not doing a bracket this year, because I'm always wrong right away.

The George Mason Patriot's are making their fourth trip to the Big Dance in school history: good for them. This is MSU's ninth straight trip to the NCAA Tournament.

Don and I will be eating Culver's chicken at the 7:10 tip-off! Whoo-hoo!

Update: Bummer upset! George Mason Patriots beat MSU Spartans 75-65!


Ginnie said...

Now that I'm heading home I'm gonna have to "get with it" for March Madness. Donica will have the TV on every night/day till it's over, both men's and women's. HA. I don't even know if MICHIGAN is in the top 64!!

Well, just so you know, I DO hope MSU wins tonight :)

Ruth said...

Thanks, Boots! But too bad, we lost! And no, UM is not in the Big Dance, also too bad.

Welcome home!

Ginnie said...

I just found out at breakfast here at the D.C. hotel. I was shocked. Sooo sorry, dear sister! I was hoping you'd get down to the Sweet Sixteen or beyond!! Boo-hoo. Well, you at least did better than MICHIGAN!

Mrs. M. said...

So sorry about the game! Was the chicken good?

Ruth said...

The chicken wasn't as good as in times past. It's not as good as we think it is. Sort of like the Spartans. :)

Now we're rooting for George Mason to go all the way since they beat NC after us!