Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Rooftop views

It's beautiful today and in the 40s with sunshine. So I was inspired this morning to click some pics (partly thanks to PG!).

Here are some views of MSU's campus (5,200 acres in all, it's one of the world's largest campuses) taken from the parking ramp across the street.

I love the slate roofs of some of the buildings, such as Berkey Hall in the foreground. Beyond that lies the mission style Old Horticulture building, and beyond that the Agriculture building.

The photograph below shows three buildings from different eras. In the foreground, the red brick and sandstone are Morrill Hall built in 1901, wherein my office in the English department lies. The porta-potty is atop the new parking ramp being constructed on the Grand River Ave side of Morrill.

Beaumont Tower, beyond Morrill on the right, was built in 1928 and its carillon contains 49 bells. The largest bell weighs 5,000 pounds; the smallest weighs 15 pounds. Click here for the MSU fight song! :)

Beyond that you can see the MSU football stadium that was rejuvenated in 2005 with luxury suites, thanks to the Ralph Young Fund.

Looking at these buildings from this height reminds me that sometimes I need a fresh perspective.


Amy said...

These shots remind me of pictures we see now and again of multiple generations of a single family captured together in one moment. I love the fact that you chose that perspective and shared it with us!

Ginnie said...

Such a beautiful campus, Ruth (even if I say so :), and I agree that the perspective is so refreshing. We should do that more often--change our perspective and see what we see differently!

Clo said...

It's funny, I also did a post with roofs today. That's a good "synchronizing", isn't it? :O)
I love looking at rooftop!

Ruth said...

Amy: Cool connection, I hadn't thought of that!

Ginnie: How nice of you to admire the REAL university of Michigan's campus. :)

Clo: That's cool! I'll go look at your post now. Good synchrony is right! Did PG inspire you too with that rooftop view in Winnipeg?

Ginnie said...

Uh-oh. Them's fighting words :)

Ruth said...

Ginnie, I shouldn't be so rude after you were so free with praise of our campus! :)

Did you hear we lost to OSU last night, which means we probably don't have a chance at the Big 10 title.

rachel said...

Tomorrow I am going hiking- I'll take my camera and get some shots of Phoenix's rooftops for you from Squaw Peak:) And the orange layer of smog lingering over our heads, invisible to the eyes unless you climb up above it, gag!

Ruth said...

Yay, sounds great, except for the smog. Enjoy your hike!