Saturday, February 18, 2006

Corn crib in February

We've got a cold snap: 9 degrees at 1:47pm. With wind chill it feels like -4. Only a few minutes to take pics before fingers start aching.

These images are the "corn crib," but not used for corn these days. Don stores his tractor and odds and ends in the middle, shown here, between the two enclosed sides. Then in one side, yard tools. The other is for firewood.

For a while, Don's tractor was for kicks, a joint "toy" he owned with his dad. But this winter he began using it to drag downed trees he later sawed for firewood.

All the outbuildings on our little 5 acres are occasionally propped with creative foundation materials, like this molded cement piece.


Ginnie said...

Ruth, this just makes me want to come visit you again, soon. I want to look through every nook-n-cranny of your farm and outbuildings! More thoroughly this time! I love this new way of life for you and Don.

Ruth said...

I hope it will be soon!

lesleyanne said...

i love these photos. you've really captured parts of the farm that i've grown to love. i remember the first year you lived here, i walked around the 5 acres, taking pics of things i may not have noticed without a camera in my hand. it was glorious.

and i love the blue chair hanging. what a nice touch.

Ruth said...

Thank you, Lesley. Your photographic taste is contagious. :)