Tuesday, April 10, 2012

April wind


April wind

On a day when April wind
has tumbled clouds into mile-high
snowy hills like in Chinese paintings

I wonder what strength
and precision it costs the honey bee
to aim his hovering windblown tongue

into frail blossoms fluttering open
out of tight Brandywine buds.
And how he does not spill nectar-

drops on me lying on the blanket—
a risk under sky and tree to him, to me
and to the small gold star of a spider

walking ellipses across my gold pillow
suddenly visible in movement
like the satellite we wait and watch for

every night, “There!” as it crawls
toward the sun on the other side
of the world on its articulate path
that looks so random to me.

April 2012 



Elizabeth said...

So very lovey, Ruth.
Aperfect match of words and images.

Kathleen said...

Beautiful. And I love, after all the golden risk, how the poem moves unexpectedly, but inevitably, toward night.

steven said...

the small and tiny arcs of existence, the little bee tongue . . . the satellite painting invisible lines across the planet . . . this is so beautiful ruth . . . steven

Marcie said...

How perfect for this month of spring!

ds said...

This is gorgeous, symphonic (anyway, a quartet), one small moment writ large by you simply attending. The bee's golden risk, echoed by humankind's, and no more random. Thank you for the way you see, and for the comfort of this, which will be with me all day.

hedgewitch said...

A beautiful decoration for the heart of randomness, and a meditation for the simplifying soul.

Ginnie said...

And all because of the wind! You'd love the Netherlands, Sister. :)

California Girl said...

a bit of mysticism and naturalism punctuated by beautiful tiny blossoms of pink

Barb said...

Sometimes I think nothing is really random - and sometimes I think everything is. The poem makes me think. I like your focus on the blossoms.

George said...

A very nice poem, Ruth. Perhaps the articulate path always look random to us at first glance.

The Unknowngnome said...

Pure nectar your worded sight.

Soul Dipper said...

It's good to be back in your writing world, Ruth.

Something happened to RSS Feeds...I have not been receiving some, some sporadic, etc. So, March 1 was the last notice.

I will re-subscribe and hope it works again.

Happy spring. Love the chick photos.

Pauline said...

We can watch and wonder but we can't know for sure - this is a wonderful look at a spring day. I like the way it journeys so far in such a short measure, much like its subjects.

blueoran said...

We, the smart ones, don't see the "articulate path" that's right down the middle of every day, mindful of our own errant business, I suppose. Track of the bee, the moon, in grooves too evident for our hurried, self-involving eyes: how greatly the sense of possession the minutiae of this spring day, or rather, the participation, at one with the moment because eye and heart accords. Loved it ... Brendan

rippleeffects said...

Our April wind has brought us snow and rain so far... even today. Grey and overcast sky, rain that could turn into sleet later. Spring is more like a test of patience for us. Glad to read a beautiful poem and see some colorful blooms on your post. You're welcome to see what 'my Spring' looks like, photos I took 12 days ago.

Stratoz said...

How wonderfully you have captured a moment in time