Sunday, January 16, 2011

"The blog thing" at 5 years

My first blog post

Five years ago this week was my first blog post. You can see it above, though the template was different. My sister Ginnie ("Bootsie" to me) was my first and only commenter for some time and the first person I knew who had a blog (the wonderful In Soul). Three months later, my "brother" rauf introduced himself from India, and much more of the world opened to me via his posts at Daylight Again. And so the wonder began. Let me wander as I wonder at the full hand of these years.

I picked the name synchronizing after seeing my hand held device "synchronizing" with my computer when I linked them at the end of a work day. I liked the idea of bringing things together in some kind of unity. I changed it to synch-ro-ni-zing, adding the hyphens, to sort of help people understand that "synchronizing" is different from "synchronicity."  This blog isn't necessarily about meaningful coincidence (synchronicity), but more about the intentional pairing of things.
My blog is just as eclectic today as it was five years ago. You might find Paris paired with Bishop the barncat, memories of my mom with a walk in the meadow, or raptures over a sublime salad during a long, beautiful winter. I just tell you what's going on inside. This past year I've done that more in poems, because I've been writing more poems, a direct result of being freshly and deeply inspired by blog friends. You know who you are.
Speaking of blog friends, I have met some of the most wonderful people of my life, here, in these five years at synch. There is more talent, imagination, insight, knowledge, wisdom, humor, experience, story-telling skill, beauty, strength and love here than anyone who doesn't blog might understand.
As a result of these friends and conversations, I have changed. I have grown more confident, better at writing, better at photography, better at life, better at me! It has been like a non-stop class in the arts and humanities, critical thinking, communication, and the soul's journey. The world has shrunk, and so have I. I am less, and I am more.
Blogger has gotten better and easier to use. I pay $3.95 a year for this space, since I overflowed my space limit sometime in the last year or two. I'd say it's a pretty darn good bargain. Compare it to, say, a Burger King Whopper ($3.29).
Two years ago today I received the honor of Blogger's Blog of Note, eleven days after my friend Barry of An Explorer's View of Life received the same honor. I was fortunate to find him through that award, instantly enthralled by his story-telling sweetness. Of course we didn't know we would lose him the next year to cancer. I rejoice, and gasp, whenever I see his comments in old posts around the blogosphere. He is still with us, but I miss him.
Vastly more important than Blog of Note, immeasurably more, is the reward of being together with you, in this heartland. Hear what Walt Whitman meant in his poem "Song of Myself," for yes, this blog is a song of myself! always about myself, because it is from my heart. Yet for me and for you and your blog, our songs are like his song. The song of "myself" is not just about me, but contains much more . . .
“ . . . in all people I see myself, none more and not one a barleycorn less
and the good or bad I say of myself I say of them . . .”

“I am large, I contain multitudes.”

“For every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you.”
And this from his Song can be our guiding light, because while we read each other's words (and lots and lots of books), as Rumi says in a similar vein, "Let the beauty we love be what we do. / There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground."
"Stop this day and night with me and you shall possess the origin of
all poems,
You shall possess the good of the earth and sun, (there are millions
of suns left,)
You shall no longer take things at second or third hand, nor look through
the eyes of the dead, nor feed on the spectres in books,
You shall not look through my eyes either, nor take things from me,
You shall listen to all sides and filter them from your self."

A little gift of gratefulness

In the list of traditional gifts for [wedding] anniversaries, five years is celebrated with gifts of wood. It feels appropriate seeing the spruce bough in my first post, in light of this. And also in this light, I would like to celebrate my full hand of joy and gratitude by sending one of you a [humble] hand painted wooden ornament of a special bird here on the farm: a bluebird. It will look something like the one I painted for Peter's girlfriend for Christmas, below. (I just started tole painting, cultivating my dormant Swedish roots from Grandma Olive.) After wandering through the bag of friends who leave a comment at this post, I'll announce the person I randomly choose (with List Randomizer, so cool) on the anniversary of my blog on Friday, January 21. Then I will paint a bluebird, with you in mind specifically, whoever you are, and with the bluebird in mind in his round russet breast and shy, quiet presence. And I will paint meditating on the rest of you too, and the connections we hold so dearly in our hearts. This gift is a way to be reminded that we are physical beings, who touch and feel material things. The blog thing is real.

But even though our blogs are tangible -- seeming somehow indelible on the Internet -- and our blog friends are true friends, we and our blogs will fade one day like leaves of grass, like wood dust. But oh, my friends, we are also stardust.

 Though I incorporated the crack in this slice of ash wood
into Andrea's painting, the disk I paint for one of you will have no crack,
I pray! Don found beautiful seasoned oak
and has already cut the piece.

This could be your piece of wood :)
-- about 6" diameter, with a bluebird from the farm.
I'll gladly mail it anywhere in the world. 

(I have also created several other blogs. Oh dear. Yes I would create one a month just to design it if I had time to maintain them all. Currently: daily posts at RUMI DAYS and A Year with Rilke (the latter with Lorenzo of The Alchemist's Pillow) -- see sidebar for regular updates. These daily readings are nourishment for my soul.) 


Elisabeth said...

Ruth you amaze me, and to think you've been at it for five years.

News of your anniversary inspired me to back on my own blogging life, which began in 2006.

I'm nearly at the five year mark, too, but I had a two to three year hiatus in which I posted very little almost to the point where I forgot my blog and then somethng brought it back to life.

I'm intrigued at the way blogs and bloggers come and go.

Blogging also reminds us of the reaity of death As testimony of this there's your reminder of the wonderful writer Barry, whom I suspect I met through your blog, sadly for me not long before his death.

It's often hard to know how our connections begin, they start and hopefully build - the great joy of blogging. Sometimes they simply fade.

I have only now discovered one of my daughters has just started a blog. She has asked me not to comment yet, but in time I may.

I don't want to cramp her style - mothers and daughters you know.

Blogdom is amazing, especially with such erudite, thoughtful and generous people as you in it.

Happy anniversary, Ruth.

Ruth said...

Thank you, Elisabeth. Meeting you, and reading your transporting writing, is one of my great blog joys. Best wishes to your daughter and her blog. Yes, she has to "listen to all sides and filter them for [her] self."

Lorenzo — Alchemist's Pillow said...

Five years! I guess this is a relatively new medium, because in what other of life's pursuits would 5 years seem like such a long time? And what riches you have found and shared and gifted in that short but deep time span.

This post captures so many of the bewondered feelings I have about the whole blogging experience, its unexpected riches and the strength and depth of the conversations, friendships (and yes, even the loves) spawned and nurtured here.

I could gush on and on about you and your blog(s), Ruth, but let me just say that you are a constant wellspring of inspiration, warmth, encouragement and stimulation for my own blog efforts. You are the gold standard ... and you can imagine how much gold means to us apprentice alchemists ;)

Ruth said...

Lorenzo, my dear friend, you may gush any time. :) You know that I consider your blog to be the best of alchemy, the way you leak out the beauty of art, music, culture, through your beautiful heart-mind is nothing short of breathtaking. The way you selflessly take joy in the efforts of other bloggers has also been a great blessing to me.

Our joint Rilke project is even richer than I dreamed it would be.

Thank you.

The Solitary Walker said...

Oh, that was so marvellous, and touching and inspiring about how we find ourselves in others' blogs and others in ours. It truly is a sharing process. The depth of meaningful contact and communication of this blogging thing has really taken me by surprise me over the last year or so.

Ruth said...

Thank you, Robert, so much. Partly because of you and your blog, I am finding walks (almost daily) in the meadow far richer than ever before. Your sight into many aspects of this journey of life we walk never ceases to amaze me.

Bella Rum said...

Happy anniversary. You've made a wonderful contribution, Ruth. Congratulations!
Bella Rum

Ruth said...

Thank you, Bella!

Anna said...

Five whole years. Marvellous.
Your blog makes everything so much better.
Thank you Ruth.

Ruth said...

So kind, Anna! Thank you. Kiss to Matthew.

Shari Sunday said...

OK, I left you a long, touching post and came back to see if it was here and it was not. Don't know what I do wrong. So, not to repeat myself, but congratulations on 5 years. I think you know your blogs and your friendship mean a lot to me. There is so much richness in your blogs that I have barely tapped all that is there. You really have broadened my horizons. I will have to find another way to say that so that it is more meaningful. Anyway, your bluebird ornament is beautiful with or without a crack. Did you really post this at 3:41 a.m.? I thought I got up early but I am not even in the first 10 to comment. Congratulations again. Please keep blogging for a long time.

sonia a. mascaro said...

Congratulations, Ruth!
You have one of the most beautiful blog I know! As my English is "weak", not always I leave a comment, but I always enjoy your words and photos.

I find your blog through our dear friend Rauf and I am glad I did!

Have a nice day!

Susan said...

Congratulations on this notable mark of achievement, Ruthie! Five years is like a lifetime in blogworld. I know only one other person who has been at it longer than you have.

It astounds me sometimes the number of talented women (and men) who have come into their own in this little haven of like-minded people. It is so comforting to know that we always have someplace to go to write down our thoughts and there will always be someone who identifies with what we have to say.

You may have chosen "synch-ro-ni-zing" as your title, but there is an amazing amount of "synch-ro-ni-ci-ty" that flows through this beautiful salon.

Jean Spitzer said...

Congratulations and thanks for maintaining such a beautiful blog!

Pauline said...

Reading here is nourishment for the soul, too. I always leave with something new or beautiful to think about. Happy blog anniversary! I agree, the blog thing is REAL :)

Ruth said...

Oh Shari, so sorry about your comment. That is aggravating, but I receive your very kind and warm thoughts now through your lovely comment. Yes, I really did post it at 3:41AM. My sleep cycle is a strange one. Sometimes I am up an hour before that, but on weekends at least I get a nap. Sometimes I wonder how long I'll blog. Since I always follow my heart, and so far it hasn't stopped wanting to do this, I think it will be a while, though I hear the Internet might be going away . . .

I appreciate your friendship very much.

Ruth said...

Sonia, your English is beautiful, and thank you for such kind words said in it. I was actually thinking of you when I wrote those words about rauf at the top. I have met several people through him, and I"m better for it.

Ruth said...

Thank you, my dear Susie! I often think that I don't have friends around me here in my community with whom I can connect the way I do in blogs, except for Inge. Perhaps we learn more about each other, more quickly, here in the blogs. And we are drawn to those whose worldview is much like our own. It's still so crazy how very many things you and I have in common. You are a very dear friend, blog or not. I'm glad you have begun posting at BSR again.

Ruth said...

Hello, Jean, and thank you very much. Your paintings blow me away, and painted so quickly too! Thank you for posting them.

Margaret Bednar said...

"Let the beauty we love be what we do. / There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground." And "I am large, I contain multitudes". Now, Ruth, I understand THIS poetry! :) So there is hope for me yet, but I will still hang on to the edge of the skirts (sorry, some are pants) and trail along after Rilke. :)

I remember when I stumbled upon your blog the first time and I saw a photo on your side bar of a woman hanging clothes outside and looking peaceful and serene. Laundry looked like a wonderful experience. And I said to myself "Obviously, I can learn something from this lady!"

My blog has certainly changed from the first, hesitant steps I took not even over a year ago. You have certainly leant a joy to this experience and as you say, it will fade one day like leaves of grass, but alas, so do WE. Blogging has been quite a wonderful surprise for me - Yes, this blog is a part of me and my blog friends are in my thoughts and mind. A place where all good friends are.

I have attempted to stretch my talents - and that is because of my contact with all the blogs I read or look at. So, thank you, Ruth, for helping me be a more fully rounded person. I look forward to the next five years!

Ruth said...

Pauline, you are kind, thank you. Your writing is a gift to all who read you, I'm so happy we've met.

Ruth said...

Margaret, you are a joy to me. Your openness is like a breeze across a morning lake. I struggle with much poetry, and I read and reread all of it many times to understand. Over time, different things appear, and sometimes still not much comes to me of meaning. So I admire and join you for sifting through Rilke and other poets we read together. I enjoy reading your own poems very much, for you have a beautiful outlook and melodic voice.

I love what you said about the laundry lady! She'll come back out come springtime.

Ralph Suarez said...

Mavis Staples sings a touching song called "You're Not Alone". The song was written by Jeff Tweedy, of the band named Wilco. When you mentioned Whitman's "Song of Myself", your reminded me of this song:

"You’re not alone,
I'm with you
I'm lonely too
What's that song,
That can't be sung by two.
A broken home,
A broken heart,
Isolated and afraid,
Open up this is a raid,
I wanna get it through to you,
You're not alone.

You're not alone,
Every night,
I stand in your place.
Every tear,
On every face,
Tastes the same.
A broken dream,
A broken heart,
Isolated and afraid,
Open up this is a raid,
I'm gonna get it through to you,
You're not alone.

An open hand,
An open heart,
There's no need to be afraid,
Open up this is a raid,
I wanna get it through to you,
You're not alone.
I wanna get it through to you,
You're not alone.
I'm gonna get it through to you,
You're not alone."-Jeff Tweedy

Congratulations on reaching an important milestone in your life and for me, like many of your readers, witnessing your growth, in conveying all that is beautiful. Which reminds me yet again, of something which I recently read in a Richard Paul Evans book called, The Walk:
"...some people in this world have stopped looking for beauty, then wonder why their lives are so ugly. Don't be like them. The ability to appreciate beauty is of God. Especially in one another. Look for beauty in everyone you meet, and you will find it."-Richard Paul Evans

Thanks for enriching my life and helping me to do a little of my own stretching and growing. It's amazing how something like writing a blog can impact the lives of so many people...for that, you are a "SHE-ro" in my world.

Ralph Suarez

amuse me said...

I for one enjoy for "eclectic" range of posts -- I never know what I'll be reading about. I loved your comment about how blogging has changed your writing, and even your life, since starting. I have felt the same way. I'm more confident in how I write, not worrying so much about what anyone will think but more concerned with getting these thoughts down on paper (or screen, as it is). I'm glad you have stuck with it for five years and wish you many more good years of blogging.

ellen abbott said...

Five years is pretty amazing. I'm coming up on two years this month. I enjoy your blog very much and am sorry I didn't come across it sooner.

J.G. said...

Dear Ruth, you inspire me every day with your view of the world and the connections you make. I couldn't agree more with your description of the wonders of blogging. It has taught me the security of speaking to (and the value of being) an accepting, encouraging listener.

Perhaps you know this Whitman quote also:

I am as bad as the worst but, thank God, I am as good as the best.

Happy anniversary!

Ruth said...

Ralph, I have just listened to the song on YouTube. It is moving, this message that we are one in our aloneness and tears. No matter how many friends a person has, she truly goes through life alone. Solitude is wonderful, and something I treasure. But feeling alone is a suffering. I love love love the lines: Open up this is a raid, / I'm gonna get it through to you, / You're not alone.

Thank you for your warm and incredibly encouraging comments. I love how you look for inspiration and share such beauty through your horses. I just can't believe you think of me as a SHE-ro! I love it. :)

Ruth said...

Hi, Marion! I'm glad you like the eclecticness. (Eclection?) You've done such a great service to your town of Fowlerville (where Don gets his birds butchered!) by publishing a book about its history. I hope many school children and families there and around Michigan will gobble it up. It's been good to know you here over the years.

Ruth said...

Hi, Ellen! Two years is a long time in blog life too. Thank you for your kind comment, I always appreciate your art and honesty.

Dan Gurney said...

Thank you, Ruth. Your blog is a real joy for me to read. Your poetry is sublime, your presence palpable, your warmth and clarity an invaluable gift to everyone fortunate enough to come by here. Happy anniversary!

Ruth said...

J.G., wow, I appreciate your words. And I'm glad blogging has done the same to build your confidence. I love the Whitman quote, because I feel it deeply. We must understand this if we want to understand one another in this crazy beautiful world. Thank you for joining me in my little celebration today!

Ruth said...

Dan, those are very kind words. Thank you for your warm encouragement. You and your mindful heart have already taught me so much in the short time I've known you and your blog. I thank you for sharing, and for being a new friend who seems like a very longstanding one.

VioletSky said...

Congratulations on your five years of writing - and growing as a writer. (said, even as my muse seems to be wandering god knows where...!)
I always enjoy seeing what new poetic inspirations you have chosen to share. You have a certain depth of feeling that I find so thought provoking.

Deborah said...

Yours is a stand-out blog, Ruth, not because it's beautifully designed, graced with gorgeous photographs and filled with elegant prose (and poetry) - but because of who you are.
Yes, it is all about you, but in a way that is so inclusive and open-minded and curious and warm that it really is all about the world. And every person who has reached out to you has been made welcome, which is a particularly special thing.

I will borrow your words: There is more talent, imagination, insight, knowledge, wisdom, humor, experience, story-telling skill, beauty, strength and love here than anyone who doesn't blog might understand.

You've said it, Ruth. And all of these things apply to this address, and to its creator, writer, resident artist, photographer and poet.
I am richer for having met you.

Anet said...

Thank you Ruth for sharing yourself, your talents, your family and your lovely farm with me. I'm truly blessed to be a blog friend of yours.
May the next five years be filled with bloggy love and joy:)

Ruth said...

Violetski, you are an old friend here in these pages. We've discussed many things, laughed about lots of sillies, and even met in one of those rare blog friend meet-ups. Thank you for your kind words and for being a good friend.

Babs-beetle said...

Five years blogging is a long time. Lets hope you don't ever tire of it.

I've made some wonderful friends blogging. I never would have thought it possible, but you really can get to know people well. Especially if their blog is from the soul, as yours is.

I absolutely must win that bluebird painting. It's my birthday on the 24th, so maybe I'll be blessed :)

Ruth said...

Deborah, there is no way for me to tell you how moved I am by your comments. Except: thank you.

Maureen said...

As you know, I have only recently found your blog (through Lorenzo and your joint A Year With Rilke), and I am delighted each time I come here. What a lovely way you've chosen to celebrate your blog's anniversary!

Ruth said...

Dear Anet, you have been around with me almost as long as rauf! From the first year at least, It think. Our kids have grown and changed together here. And now it's your turn for your daughter to be married! Congratulations, my friend. :)

Ruth said...

Babs! You are a dear old friend (you're not old, you know what I mean). I treasure your sense of humor, or art, your stories, and your take on life in the UK. You know also how I feel about Mo.

Thank you, you're the first to say you hope you win the painting! :D Let's see what List Randomizer decides!

George said...

Yes, Ruth, we are stardust, indeed, and it has been a great delight to be sprinkled with a little of your lovely stardust since discovering your blog last spring. Had I been reading your blog for the preceding four years, I would have undoubtedly evolved into a better man. Oh well, I will try to keep up in the year ahead.

Seriously, I know that you know how much I value coming to this space with every new posting. I come here for surprise and wonder; I come for inspiration; I come to learn new things and get new perspectives; and I come to see the flowering of a fine writer and photographer. Most of all, however, I come for the friendship and the sharing. The ground beneath my feet is a little firmer knowing that there are kindred spirits like you in the world, even if, unfortunately, you are miles away geographically. The great, great joy of blogging is that it permits the flowering of friendships that would have never happened otherwise.

Ruth said...

Maureen, thank you for your warm encouragement. I am very pleased we have met through the Rilke blog, and now you are here and I am at your beautiful Writing Without Paper, where your art and writing are rich, and your generosity of resources offers so very much.

The Bug said...

Congratulations on five years! I found you (and Barry) through Blogs of Note. And I'm glad I did! You're a fabulous, THOUGHTFUL, writer. So here's to another 5 years!

Ruth said...

George, I am reading War & Peace, as you know, and early in the book a certain Count receives many guests and invites every single one to dinner. I wish I could do the same today.

You are far too generous with your praise, but I relish it. If a person such as yourself finds what you describe here, I feel a magnificence and also a humbleness as a result.

Thank you for how you touch me in your words today. And thank you for your friendship every day.

Oliag said...

Five years! Congratulations! I know I discovered your blog about two years ago...I wish I could remember how but I do know it had nothing to do with Blog of Note...and it remains one of my favorite places to stop and spend some time. I stop for the photography and stay to learn something new and to read your beautiful words. Thank you Ruth for this gift to us:)

I love the crack in the ornament actually ...I certainly do not see it as a flaw but as an added attraction...:)

xo Here's to another five years!

Babs-beetle said...

You got me thinking, and I checked my blog. Just as well, as it's three years for me in February!

ds said...

Two years ago a little blog opened, and from the first the icon of a bare tree at sunset (most likely sunrise) appeared in the comments. And continued to appear. Appeared even as a "follower." The astonished and grateful blogger began to look for that tree's comments, knowing they held insight and wisdom and grace. The blogger followed that tree at its home, and discovered even greater treasures: poetry, photography, an openness to all things, and the same insight, wisdom and grace beyond measure. The blogger was humbled, and the blogger was happy. Here was a place of friendship and sanctuary, of joy in the small things, and thoughtfulness toward the large.
As Deborah wrote, everything you claim as having found in blogworld (it is there), can be found here.

Thank you, Ruth, for the gift of you. May you continue to synch-ro-nize for a long long time!

Jeanie said...

Ruth, I don't think anyone could better describe the blogging experience than what you have said here. Every single word rings true. And during the time I've been reading you, I have learned a good deal about poetry and poets, life, and yes, Paris! And, you introduced me to others who are now part of my life -- Peter and Vagabonde.

A rather long while ago, Linda (Shoreacres) sent me an email and asked if I read your blog -- it was before I was going to Paris, and she knew I would be interested. "She's from Michigan, too," Linda said.

Little did I know that your office was a mere maybe-mile from mine and that one day we would share pie and break the blog barrier with a face-to-face.

Face-to-face or online, it's all good, and I treasure "knowing" and knowing you. Here's to more meetings and many more readings! Congratulations, my friend.

neighbor said...

Ruth! Well done! Congratulations for you, for the vision and voice sustained through the years; and congratulations for us for finding our way here one way or anther and for having such delightful postings on which to reflect, such stunning images by which to be amazed, such moving poetry by which to be brought back to tender connection with the world and each other.

Thank you for all that, and for the playful giveaway opportunity, which, in my cold-addled, sleep-deprived state, I keep thinking will be decided by someone named Liz Randomeister. Go Liz! :-)

Nancy said...

Ruth, I'm so glad you began AND continued for five years. Though I don't comment often, I always find some stardust in your entries, and they enrich me. Thank you!

VioletSky said...

Oh yes, I hope to win your painted bird. Did I forget to mention that? silly me. I collect birds, y'know. and blog friends. maybe we can meet again when I have won... (even if I don't win, we must meet again)

Ruth said...

Dana, thank you for kind words and for always being amusing and insightful! It's been a pleasure getting to know you here and at Bug's Eye View.

Ruth said...

Oliag, have I only known you two years? I could swear you've been my friend much longer than that.

I rather like the crack in the wood too. It's pretty wabi-sabi.

Thank you for your kindness, and for being such a good friend in these places of ours. I love to vicariously hold your grandchildren and sail the seas with you. And that new lens of yours! In your hands and with your eye, nothing short of expert.

Ruth said...

Babs, I'm glad you figured it out!

Ruth said...

DS, it was sunrise. :)

You amaze and humble me with such a warm story of gratitude. Thank you. I couldn't do without you here. Well, of course I probably could survive, but it would not be with the same joy of feeling I feel that echoes your own.

Ruth said...

Jeanie, maybe ours is the most roundabout meeting of souls in blogdom. Talk about "going around Robin Hood's barn"! (I hope you know that saying.) Your artistic talent and zest for life are contagious every time I visit your cozy cottage blog. Thank goodness for Linda introducing us! Yes, let's meet for lunch soon . . .

Friko said...

As I have already said in an email, your blog today is as fresh as if you had started just weeks ago. Except, of course, that nobody has this great ease and fluency of writing blog posts you demonstrate after just a few weeks of blogging.

I am so very glad I found you - through Bonnie - and I would love it if you considered me a blog friend.

Here's to the next five years.

I never win anything but I do so wish I did.

Ruth said...

Neighbor, I have known you for some time by seeing your thoughtful comments around my friends' blogs, and I think it was sometime after Bonnie's interview at Original Art Studio that I met you here or at your place. I'm glad I did. Your presence is warm, kind, thoughtful and always connected. . . . Though I do not know the connection with Liz Randomeister! :)

Ruth said...

Nancy, I have watched your blog journey too and felt our kinship over the years. Thank you for such kindness.

Ruth said...

Violetski, hmm, I didn't know about the bird collection, no. Yes, we must at least have the reward of meeting again, maybe in Ann Arbor, or if Don and I ever get to Toronto. We were thinking of it this summer, but I think it will wait until next.

Ruth said...

Friko, that is a wonderful thing to say, and I know you don't flatter, so thank you very much. Sometimes I wonder why this medium has held me all this time, but I do feel at home in it. Bonnie did us a beautiful service, by introducing us as she did in her interviews. I was glad to find you as well, and now to follow your always interesting musings. I appreciate your frank perspectives always.

Marcie said...

Congratulations!! Five whole years...WOW!

RD said...

Ruth, congratulations on your 5 years as a blogger. I wish I remembered how I stumbled upon your beautiful writing a couple of years ago--so grateful that I did. I wish you (and us) many more years full of words and images and inspiration. All the best! (What a thoughtful and gorgeous way to celebrate your readers!)

rosaria said...

Congratulations on five beautiful years. I'm here only lately, but I see you around and know with each comment we leave, we share of ourselves and gain from others. Blessings to you.

rauf said...

i always go from bad to worse Ruth, lazy to lazier, synchronizing got better and better, more and more pleasant, where i became more and more annoying. Synchronizing now a bit too complex for my barefoot understanding. i think from my feet most of the time as i walk a lot and my feet forget that i have a head up north, very far, i am not that tall. Its frozen up there, i don't mean the north pole.
You can do very little about my ignorance and lack of understanding Ruth.

When i am at Synchronizing i have a different opinion of America and the Americans. When i step out of synchronizing it all changes unfortunately.

Though five years is not a long time but i feel that i was born with you and Synchronizing is my sky which is always there for me. There are some cloudy days when i don't see the sky.

Typed this comment sitting on a wet towel Ruth, how clumsy of me !
i never knew.

neighbor said...

Ruth, maybe it's only something such a foggy head as mine can get: List Randomizer = Liz Randomeister. Or maybe you got it and I'm just not even getting *that*...

ok. Must. Go. To. Bed.

Jane Lancaster said...

Ruth this is just lovely. A delight to read. and as always inspiring. I've loved following you since I found you as a blog of note. N.B. you still are a blog of note and my main inspiration as I explore being a blogger. I salute you!

Barb said...

As a new reader, I didn't realize you were such an "old timer," Ruth! Happy 5 year Anniversary. I'm enjoying both your words and your photographs.

Terresa said...

You've been blogging for 5 years?! Congrats, that is huge! Here's to more blogging, birds, and beautiful creations.

And I second you on the blog thing, it is real, and has changed my life in countless (wonderful, blessed) ways.

Claudia said...

Happy birthday to synch-ro-ni-zing!

I wish I had your perseverance, joy, and gift for blogging, Ruth! And found life as inspiring as you do...

Here's to the next five years of this wonderful blog. I feel lucky to have found it (and you).

Ginnie said...

OMG, Ruth. If you're 5, that means I'm 6. Just think of all that has happened in these years. It blows the mind. Did you ever think you would be where you are now in the blogospehere?! Needless to say, I'm very proud of you. I have learned from you all along the way, too, even though our styles are so different. Thank you for going out on that first limb. YOU DID IT!

Arti said...

Congratulations, Ruth, on your fifth blogaverary of Synch-ro-ni-zing. Your post is so rich I'm lost for words to describe my appreciation of it. But thanks for clarifying... "the intentional pairing of things." How wonderful that we discover all sorts of pairings in our daily life. I've appreciated too your sharing of your exp. of growth, and the making of a better person through blogging. Isn't this amazing... we can use technology to enhance humanity! I wish you all the best in your future blogging journey... so that (not being selfish here, but a communal spirit conveyed) I can enjoy the beauty and poetry every time I stop by!

Vagabonde said...

Congratulation on five years of beautiful blogging! In the blogging world five years is a lot I think. Your blog is always so lovely – the pictures, the drawings and of course the writing is a pleasure to the ear and the mind. I enjoy blogs that talk of many subjects and yours has so many. You are a busy woman with all your blogs, your poem writing and now your painting – so much energy and we are the richer for it. I looked in my records and saw that I found your blog about 3 months after I started mine – that would be then June 2008. It has been a pleasure to read your blog since then and I cherish all your comments on mine. You are such a sensitive and talented soul Ruth that it’s a pleasure to visit you. I did not know anyone in Michigan before and now feel that I have a friend there who is very special. I’ll celebrate your anniversary the French way … with a glass a red wine and a toast to you and your blog!

Jane Lancaster said...

I also meant to thank you for sharing that your writing, photography and stuff have improved from doing your blog. Now that spurs me on!

Loring Wirbel said...

Happy Birfday, one day late! I was hiking all yesterday and missed the festivities...

Astrid said...

Dear sister, congratulations on the 5 years.
I think you are doing a wonderful job.
It is not strange that you have become more confident about a lot of things, blogging changes people and I think for the best.
We meat people from all over the world and we are open to their opinions.
I know I do not comment often, however I do read and look at it every week.
I hope you will continue at least for another 5 years.

Peter said...

I'm about a year younger blogger than you... but what an unexpected and nice surprise it has been to be in this blogsphere! I have found a lot of fascinating blogs (your for example!!) and I have been able to really meet a number of bloggers, here in Paris, but also elsewhere (Italy, Switzerland and a number of places in France). Now I'm just waiting for your next Paris visit! :-)

Ruth said...

Marcie, so glad you joined my little celebration. Thank you!

Ruth said...

RD, I'm glad you're here, too. My life is so rich because of friends who show me their world. Thank you for your kind wishes.

Ruth said...

Rosaria, I feel the same about you, thank you so much. I'm glad you're here.

partialview said...

Congratulations, Ruth. Your blog is a treat for the soul.

I hope your randomizer chooses me.


Ruth said...

rauf, it's impossible for me to think of blogging without rauf. They have coexisted, blogging and rauf, like a needle and thread. I lost some ignorance, thanks to you. I got angry a few times. We argued. But mostly, you opened my eyes, because you kept on showing and sharing how you see the world. And I know more about India now than I ever dreamed I would. I also know more about America, thanks to you, abi. Do you know what a gift that is? I don't like this gift, the truth of the ugliness here, but that's our life, isn't it? We can't keep our eyes closed against the truth, or the beauties are meaningless. Thank you, dear rauf, for who you are. Thank you for clicking "Next Blog" in April 2006. All my love.

Ruth said...

Neighbor, let's just say, it's a combination of knowing and not knowing. :)

Ruth said...

Dear Jane, what a tremendous thing! To be saluted by you with these words. Thank you. It is a fascinating road you and Ron lead me on, in regard to Pam, and so many things. Thank you for that too.

Ruth said...

Barb, you and I share a love of nature, and winter. It's been lovely getting to know you.

Ruth said...

Terresa, thank you for being such a bright light in this world of ours, and for inspiring me with your poetry.

Ruth said...

Claudia, you are a dear and longstanding friend here, meeting through rauf and Peter. I wish I had met you much earlier, because I missed years of your beautiful posts. But I was thrilled when I found you. It's reassuring knowing you're there across the pond. And you are devoting yourself to Ana and Clara, and that's the most important thing. Thank you for your very kind words and your friendship. xoxo

Ruth said...

Boots, I wouldn't have started this when I did if not for your year of blogging before me. It just makes me smile to think that you were so alone out here all that time, when I look at this blog world now. Not that I like thinking of you being lonely then. :( Yes, our lives have changed, haven't they. I so appreciate your undying encouragement here (and everywhere), and at this milestone especially, I think of all you did to help me get started.

Ruth said...

Arti, I feel anchored, knowing you're up there in Alberta, taking in the worlds of culture, art, literature, and re-expressing them to us who are fortunate enough to read your thoughtful and excellent posts. Thank you for your kind words and wishes, your presence here means much to me.

jeannette said...

A hearty congrats with this fifth anniversary! I wished that I would have met you earlier.
But it was a good time -when you wrote the post about the underwear you saw laying on the ground. Although it was heart wrenching I wouldn't have missed for the world, like Barry, even though with him it involves the pain of "missing."
Hope that you will be blogging for a looooong time:) and hope this blogversary will bring you some comments that are little jewels dropped into your heart.

Ruth said...

Dear Vagabonde, I thank you for such thoughtful and warm words expressed for me and the blog. Your own efforts and energies are so considerable, that this from you means a great deal. I treasure your presence in the blogs, for your always in depth and beautiful posts, your phenomenal art of travel, and your very keen sensibilities to the world around you, AND your Frenchness! Thank you for that glass raised and toasted -- I have been blessed by a Vagabonde, maybe that means I will have more travel this year! I'm glad for our friendship. I would love to welcome you to the farm whenever you can manage it, or maybe we can meet in Ohio sometime when you are visiting family.

Ruth said...

Jane, good. We are free to tweak and change our blogs as we grow into it, it's brilliant!

Ruth said...

Tanks, Loring. You are one of my oldest blog buddies (though younger than I, ha), and my longest-standing friend in these pages, except for my sister Ginnie. Whoda thunk we would ever meet up again after high school this way! Love to you and Carol.

Ruth said...

Dear Astrid, my sweet sister. I think you and Ginnie have met more blog friends in person than anyone. And of course you met each other through the photoblogs. Yes, life changing! Thank you for visiting my blog, even if you don't comment. It is very good that we can stay in touch in these ways, even though geography divides us.

Ruth said...

Peter, you are one of my most longstanding friends in these pages, back to East Lansing Daily Photo, I think! You've enriched my understanding of Paris like no one else, it is a great service you do, showing the beautiful corners of that city. I hope I can return to Paris, and when it happens, there is no way I'll do it without contacting you to meet. I look forward to it!

Ruth said...

Hello, Priya, thank you for your anniversary greetings! It's been a pleasure meeting you here and at Partial View recently. All the best to you in your blog pursuits too.

Ruth said...

Jeannette, thank you for your enthusiastic warmth. I appreciate that you found the underwear piece something you are glad you didn't miss. I was so afraid to post it, and now feel it was a good thing to do, as you and others have expressed this response. It's good to have met you and enjoy your gorgeous art.

Gwen Buchanan said...

Ruth you are talented in every way... this is a dear sweet bluebird... Congratulations on your Anniversary, You are still a Blog of Note.

Ruth said...

Thank you, dear Gwen. I appreciate your kind friendship and generous words!

deb said...

late to the party
which is so not me.
I'm going to have to start leaving the house or establishing those strange sleep hours myself . I have good weeks and then , not so much. My oldest daughter left this weekend to return to UMASS , so some of the routine should begin again.


I don't even know what to say. I've read all the comments , and your careful personal responses.
I'm simply in awe.
It's sacred space here. You know that?

It is.

congratulations on maintaining integrity and a beauty seeking quest, for letting all of the gifts that come in transform and go back out.

for loving the way , only you can.

I think about you always. When we meet in real life someday, I'm going to cry and laugh and know that life is meant for living fully awake and alive and learning and embracing and sharing.

kkrige said...

I will take a coffee with you tomorrow perhaps (it keeps me up if I have any after mid-day). You have captured the essence of blogging beautifully Ruth. I have only discovered you, but love the inspiration that you offer to others. I found your Rumi blog first & try to visit often to see what snippets I can take away (whether I comment or not). Congratulations on five years. Quite the feat!