Wednesday, August 04, 2010

teacups & raspberries


While I am here at the farm with family for a few days, playing, leaping, tossing, eating, talking, laughing, watching fireflies high in the poplars and bonfire sparks mimicking them, please help yourself to a cup of tea or coffee, some raspberries, and a ride on this sweet poem steered by Elliot Figman. Oh, and listen to Lord Huron go wild on my sidebar, the band Peter is playing with this weekend in LA, far away from Farm Day.

Riding In
by Elliot Figman

raven hair
held by
a silver pin
something turn
of century about
the elegant curve
of cheek
the way she
turns easily
away her small
hand gripping
the bright chromium
pole a raspberry
scarf wound
loosely round
her neck she
will say
nothing I
will say
nothing back
as she moves
through the door
a lovely
white boat lifted
by a gentle wave
gently further out

From Big Spring by Elliot Figman. Copyright © 2003 by Elliot Figman.


Babs-beetle said...

What a lovely track that is. Thank you for the tea and raspberries, and I hope you have a fun filled few days.

BTW I damaged the same muscle as you the last time I attempted a game that involved running.

lovely you said...

Yay for Peter and for Farm Day! That song is awesome, I have listened to it 5 times already. Just went and downloaded three of their songs for $3. Love every one of them. And you.

I want to eat those raspberries.

Loring Wirbel said...

Eating a basket of raspberries just like that one, but gray container. Like the new band, has a very Vampire-Weekend-Paul-Simon-Graceland type of sound. Fun fun fun.

George said...

Thanks for the tea and raspberries, Ruth. A great little visit here today with the lovely poem, great photos, and Peter's music with Lord Huron to boot. Thanks.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I bought a carton of fat raspberries at the farmer's market this afternoon. Just for myself. I ate them all in a chair by the window. Bliss.

Gwei Mui said...

Oh tea and raspberries lovely :)

deb said...

that photo is unreal.
enjoy the reunion , the games, the play.

photowannabe said...

Thanks, I would love to have a cup with you, especially from that gorgeous teacup.
Ummm raspberries are one of my very favoritest!!

J.G. said...

I would leave a comment, but your post inspired me to dash out the door to buy some raspberries instead!

Terresa said...

Ruth, this poem is transporting. Exactly what I needed this summer morning.

PS: I'm doing an Inky Letter Movement over @ my blog this week. I'd love to mail you an Inky Letter, too. Lmk! :)

ds said...

Mmmmm, thank you for the raspberries, the tea, Lord Huron (I have just gone wild for them too), and the lovely, lovely poem. I had not heard of Elliot Figman--will fix that.
Riding the waves away....

Oliag said...

Such lovely treats here today! I am especially loving Lord nice to be introduced to such a great sound...and to think your son is playing with must be simply the proudest!

Thanks for the raspberries and poem too:)
Have a marvelous weekend...

Ruth said...

Babs, glad you enjoyed Lord Huron; I like them a lot.

About the quads, yikes, so painful! And I felt like such a dufus. Don and another girl's dad had to carry me from first base, where I was frozen in place. :|

Ruth said...

Hello, Tracy. Any raspberries down under these days? Or are you herein . . . the U.S.?

I love Lord Huron too, and they'll be playing for X L Recordings dudes, so maybe they'll like them too. I hope so.


Ruth said...

Loring, you're right, I hadn't made the Paul Simon-Graceland connection. I had thought of Fleet Foxes, and yes Vampire Weekend. Let's see if X L Recordings likes them like we do. :)

It's a good summer for raspberries and produce of almost any kind it seems.

Ruth said...

George, I'm glad you stopped by, it's always a better place when you come.

I'm still stunned by your paintings, which I'd noticed on your lovely blog, but had not made the connection that you painted them.

Ruth said...

Pamela, summer, ahhh. This one has been stellar here, though hot, and I know it's been hotter in Hot-lanta, where raspberries help cool things down.

Ruth said...

Gwei Mui, I don't drink tea much since Istanbul, but if I were in the U.K. with you, I believe I would drink it more.

Ruth said...

Thank you for stopping by, Deb, I hear frogs strumming banjos . . .

Ruth said...

Hi, Sue, thank you. My sister-in-law gave me that Staffordshire cup many Christmases ago. I don't drink from it, as it seems so fancy. But it is very pretty.

What's better than raspberries, alone? But I admit raspberries in almost anything, especially with chocolate, is also divine.

Ruth said...

Terresa, I'm glad you enjoyed Mr. Figman's poem too.

Thank you for offering the Inky Letter! What a homey, lovely thing to do.

Ruth said...

Thank you, DS. I only just discovered Mr. Figman, and I am not having an easy time finding him online, or anything at my university library. Let me know if you find more.

Ruth said...

Oliag, I listened to those Lord Huron songs many times, and I do feel happy that Peter is playing with them tonight. We'll see if it goes any further than that. He's a busy guy, with a brand new CD coming out this fall with his band, formerly known as Meridian, new name to be announced with the release.

Still loving that new term: turbinado sugar, used in your vanilla blueberry pound cake, mmmm.

Sandy said...

I was here a few days ago and actually thought I had commented. I LOVE that teacup. Funny thing, I've been doing google searches for tea cups to save off, as I'm going to start painting them.
and the poem, wonderful.

Hope you are having fun.

Now where did my comment go I'm looking in all the corners and darn it disappeared.

Or I was having a senior moment.

Susan said...

Lovely tea cup...I recognize the pattern, but can't place it. Mmmm raspberries, and peaches...two of the best things about summer. Very cool song!

Have a lovely Farm Day weekend!

rauf said...

you must be very busy this week Ruth, farm day preparation and with the family arriving.
The wedding plum looks very healthy. Single plum,
the plum plum is perfect for the occasion. Please convey my greetings to Lesley and Brian who should be there now with you and Don for this happy occasion. The tea cup is so alive Ruth.

Ruth said...

Sandy, I don't think it was a senior moment. I've had many comments over these months that people lost comments. I think you have to get through a couple of hoops before posting. So sorry.

Are you gonna paint this teacup? I love it when you find subjects here.

Love your sweet blossom, McKenzie. :)

Ruth said...

Susie Q, the cup says Royal Stanley, Royal Staffordshire, England.

Glad you like the song too. Of course I woke up before 4 this morning and couldn't get back to sleep. It's too early to do anything for Farm Day, except look at some photos I've already taken.

Now how am I gonna take a nap today?

Ruth said...

rauf, yes we had quite a group arrive last night, and a few more will come this morning. I heard laughter into the night, which was a sweet lullaby. I can't believe how cool it's gotten, which made a beautiful night for sleeping and will be the same tonight, when almost the whole group are staying over again. Dee Dee alone has brought pallets of food and delights enough for an army. I'm so happy.

L & B will break into the little wedding plum Sunday when Peter is home. They broke into their one-year-old wedding cake last night. It was in the freezer. Did you know about this tradition? The chocolate-mint cake was actually pretty good, and we all had a fork in hand, and bites and bites.

Abraham Lincoln said...

My first visit, Ruth, and I am pleased with the trip. Nicer posts, well said, and beautiful photos. I hope I didn't miss anything.

Ginnie said...

You have no idea, Sister, how many times I have thought of you the last few days...with Lesley and Brian there and the rest of the family. This is when I hate being so far away. (sigh) Hopefully there will be loads of word and camera pictures to see, soon! Thanks for whetting my appetitie here.

dutchbaby said...

How I enjoyed my cuppa in that delicate English bone china cup. I'm practicing holding up my pinkie...

I see the plum doesn't fall far from the tree. Peter's track is wonderful, mesmerizing, reminiscent of one of my favorite Sting songs "Love is the Seventh Wave"

I also love the cover art and the cropped version in the header. You must be a proud peacock mama with all your feathers extended.

It's good to be back in your cozy salon.

Cait O'Connor said...

Both mouthwatering, the raspberries and the poem, thanks so much for sharing.

Jeanie said...

Is Lord Huron the band Ben Schneider is in? I think I'm their FB fan! Don't you just adore raspberries?

SamaraZone said...

Ruth, you have my heart here! I'm seldom seen around home without my special cup filled with tea and my mood can be determined by the flavor I'm drinking. And almost every night, before I go to bed, I sit down and with a pint of raspberries and I pick each one out of the bowl as though they were separate beings and savor their luscious taste.